I am worth it

Last week I visited Belle Medical in St. George. I wanted to get more information on HD body sculpting. Heard from several people that they had lots of success with it. In total it costs just under $6,000. This includes all follow-up appointments, massages, the slimming body suit you must wear daily for 30 days prior to the procedure. Then you drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, sodas, and walk daily 1-2 miles for life. (It's a good idea. I think I can try that, without the procedure!)

I got the information I needed, talked to husband about it, and he suggested I consider more carefully major weight loss surgery.

I looked into it. I asked many persons my questions. And, now I feel like, I haven't quite exhausted all my options enough to "go under the knife".

Earlier today, I set out to go for a long walk. I went about 8,000 feet or 1.5 miles. If I can commit to walking my dogs every day twice a day for one - two miles, I believe I can get to a healthy weight while still eating the foods I enjoy most.

I am worth it.

My dogs are worth it. This is really going to make them so happy. They love walks. If you take care of your dogs, they will take care of you!

If you take care of yourself; your body, it will take care of you.

Thank goodness for this lovely spring weather we are experiencing in Southern Utah. I am enjoying the blossoms. I just hope I can keep this goal up... all through the summer heat.


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