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I am worth it

Last week I visited Belle Medical in St. George. I wanted to get more information on HD body sculpting. Heard from several people that they had lots of success with it. In total it costs just under $6,000. This includes all follow-up appointments, massages, the slimming body suit you must wear daily for 30 days prior to the procedure. Then you drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, sodas, and walk daily 1-2 miles for life. (It's a good idea. I think I can try that, without the procedure!)

I got the information I needed, talked to husband about it, and he suggested I consider more carefully major weight loss surgery.

I looked into it. I asked many persons my questions. And, now I feel like, I haven't quite exhausted all my options enough to "go under the knife".

Earlier today, I set out to go for a long walk. I went about 8,000 feet or 1.5 miles. If I can commit to walking my dogs every day twice a day for one - two miles, I believe I can get to a healthy weight while …