Kindness Rocks Project

Earlier this year I visited my sister in Idaho Falls for the Eclipse and that is when I learned about the Kindness Rocks Project.

It's also where I found my first rock, at the Rigby Reservoir. 
First rocks found by myself and the kids.

This is how it all started to my knowledge, a woman in Cape Cod started it as a hobby. She would hide the rocks and slowly received positive feedback. So she stepped it up with social media and a website and asked others to join her. 

In Idaho Falls it is so popular that the Idaho Falls Rocks group on Facebook has over 15,000 members. Our little city in St. George, Utah has only about 300 members in the St. George Rocks group. Actually there is also a St. George, Utah Rocks group. I am a member of both as well as 801 Rocks and Utah Rocks. 

This has been something that is a lot of fun to do with my children and we love to go to our favorite places and hide rocks, too. It's sorta like an Easter egg hunt. The hiding part of it!

Our favorite places include: St George Library and Town Square, Red Hills Desert Garden, Tortoise Reserve... and my personal favorite places are the places that I frequent: the gym, the Music Store where my daughter has her guitar lessons and doctors offices or the dentist. 

Here are a few rocks that I have also painted in honor of friends or businesses that have had excellent customer service!

For George street Fest and St George Marathon

Foot Solutions. Best shoe store experience ever. I had been having chronic heel pain and
found some good shoes here with their expert help. So this rock has their logo and slogan. 

Music Works with old logo and new logo. The old logo is easier to paint though. My daughter got her first electric guitar with them and she does music lessons here as well. Nice friendly and helpful staff!

Two of the rocks have Bicycle Collective logos. A new Bicycle Collective is opening in St. George and
they will be a nice addition to St. George. Get out a ride a bike today!

This is the first rock I painted with my #Dixie Kitty added to it.
 Painting rocks makes me happy so it's not a waste of time!

Hid in a friend's garden

Love a Little Louder - happy heart rock painted in honor of a friend having a tough day.

When I paint rocks with my kids they always squeeze out too much paint, and to avoid wasting paint, I paint the rocks with whatever color is left over and then just add some friendly, happy kawaii faces. Cheerful little things!

Hidden at St. George Town Square. I painted this in honor of my oldest best friend who loves kitties!


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