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In-home Preschools

A few weeks back I attended an introduction morning during one of the Free2Feed events that had several preschool teachers and employees come and talk to our group about local preschools in the area. I am only going to share the mom and pop preschools as in ran from home by individuals because those are a lot harder to find on your own. You can easily find information on the other stuff, and maybe I will share my notes about those another day.

It was very informational.

It also inspired me to turn my dream job into a reality.

You see, I have always wanted to run my own business. The business that I had been researching for most of the year was for an indoor playground and cafe here in St. George. But it just didn't seem possible.

I do, for the record, believe if done correctly by someone with deeper pockets than me, that it would be a very successful business venture. That's what my market research, business and financial research revealed.

The thing is, I didn't believe it was…