Feminism and The March for Women's Liberty

Just about a month ago, my family and I participated in The March for Women's Liberty here in St. George. It was a great event for the whole family. We waved our American flag and huddled close together as it was a crispy and windy day. It was a happy and peaceful day as all who gathered - did so in friendliness and peace.

Me and my girls
I remember when I first heard the word feminism. I thought it was a bad word because I was raised to want to be a stay-at-home mom and home maker. And I thought that feminism meant that you couldn't do that or that you wouldn't want to or that it was looked down on.

In 2014, I began to be a little better informed about what feminism really means and that is equality. I am a big fan of equality.

My Ella
The thing is, even though I appreciate the right to choose what my life will be like, whether I would or should go to college, have a career, etc. I always really wanted what my society wanted from me.

So, it really wasn't something I had to fight for. I really love being a stay at home mom and I like being a home maker in my own way.

In front of City Hall
Now, if someone were to come into my home and say the way I am doing it isn't correct. Like, if they would to say, my home is too messy. I would show them the door and ask them to leave.

Cleaning is not my hobby. I am an arts and crafts girl at heart. And I dabble a little in entrepreneurship as well (etsy shops and babysitting, that sort of thing).

Huddled up
The thing I am grateful for is that St. George, although mostly a conservative community with some old fashioned values, is a very progressive little city full of women in business, medicine, law, finance and education. I don't know about government though, probably a lot of civil servants are women and the lady I voted for didn't get elected, she was democrat, maybe a bit too liberal for some folks around here. Anyway, there are plenty of stay at home mommies like me, but lots of women that work full time and some that work part-time and some that run a small business from home and I love and appreciate all these women.

My babe
I am very grateful to go to a woman gynecologist, though I am sure a man doctor would be just fine, I just appreciate having a choice!

The march had a pretty good turn out of not just women, but men and children, too. Like I said, it was a family affair. I am proud of the little city of St. George. It's a city I am proud to call my home.

My Girls
The St. George News had an article and photos here.


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