Making Friends and Free2feed, St. George, Utah

Making Friends 101

After moving back to the U.S. - there was definitely a readjustment period for me. So, I put time into starting a blog. And then getting myself out there, making friends and getting involved and going places and doing things with the children.

Then when I did that, and I did it successfully, there really was no time to blog about how great St. George is. I have come across a few other mommy bloggers that have attempted to explain just how great this area is, but after a time, everyone kinda stops and it's because we are enjoying the sunshine and the nature and all that this area has to offer that we stop blogging or just don't do it as often.

Recently a good friend, Michelle, that I met shortly after moving here, asked if I would write some blog posts for her on her blog Green Kale and Yams about my recent change has a Vitamix owner. I said, yes.

Now it's time to get the word out, that I have switched over from using a cheap model smoothie maker to an American made beast of a machine.

So you can read about my recipes and experiences further at this link: Green Kale and Yams: Diary of a Vitamix Greenie. 

Free2feed St. George
244 South Valley View Drive
St. George, Ut

Parenting support group that educated, encourages and supports the Mom. Weekly meetings are held Monday mornings 10:00-12:00 at Luther Hall, 244 S Valley View Dr.

Also, I just want to say that this really is a great community and there are so many resources and ways to make friends. I have been here for about 16 months now and I am still meeting new friends every week.

The worst way to do that is to stay home by yourself. If you are a homebody, it probably isn't going to happen for you very easily. This area calls to you, though. I don't know how anyone can not go out and hit the trails.

I have been going to a mom and toddler hike every Wednesday morning and I love it. It's a great way for me to get some exercise, and surprisingly, my toddler is often the leader and keeps the pace going. There are new people every week to get to know. I met one girl who went to college in the same town as me. Most locals attended a school in Utah, but we both went to Baltimore for college. 

Image belongs to Free2feed St. George

One organization that I have found new friends and lots of things for Moms to do is through Free2Feed. This non-profit organization helps give support to new moms and old moms, like, me, too!

They have a variety of regularly scheduled things to do like the hikes I mentioned above. As well as Mom's night out (usually meeting up at a restaurant). And regular playground get-together's, Indoor toddler play dates, and workshops galore on just about anything Mommy related. I just recently attended a workshop or presentation, rather, on period panties. What are they? Are they comfortable? Do they work? How much do they cost? Etc, all of these questions and more were answered.

They have had presentations on placenta encapsulation, wrapping the belly after birth, and even a Mom and Baby clothing exchange. Tomorrow a representative from The Learning Center will come and do free child developmental screenings. 

For more information see or for more up to date information via facebook search for free2feed St George.

I actually heard about this organization through Michelle. See, friends are a real benefit when moving to a new community. They tell you about Vitamix and about Free2feed. I am so glad to have learned about this powerful resource!


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