Town Square Splash Pad in St George, Utah

The City of St George is awesome when it comes to trails, parks, playgrounds and outdoor recreation. In fact, they just received an award for it, a gold medal to be precise!

This is one reason why St George is a great place to live and raise a family.

I also like St George because it feels like a small town community even though the population is growing and Washington county is one of the fasting growing counties in the USA. It still has that small town feel to it. Maybe it's because there are several small communities in each little valley between the hills and mountains here.

There are several places to take the little ones and little bit older ones to escape from the heat. But probably the best place is in downtown St George next to the Tabernacle. There are no playground toys, but they are not missed at this popular spot.

This city block Town Square is home to the famous Mormon Tabernacle, Children's Museum as well as the St George Library and the Splash Pad. Best part about this splash pad is that it runs year round (to my knowledge).

It doesn't just have a water fountain type splash pad, it also has a little rock river and it's tons of fun.

It is a huge improvement over when I was a kid. My siblings and I used to play in the gutters after the rain for fun... we also lived close to Dixie College (University) and would play in one water fountain on the weekends. And sometimes we would splash around in the Virgin River (which is still safe in some areas when it's not down pour raining).

Anyway, I have found that in the Summer, this splash pad is by far the busiest one. There were days that we went out to Gubler Park in Santa Clara and had the splash pad to ourselves! If you want to go to the Town Square splash pad when it's not too busy, I would suggest mornings or evenings after most people have left for dinner.

The only con about this splash pad is that for small tykes, they really can just disappear if you are not keeping an eagle eye on them. I lost my little guy there once, he had jetted off into the parking lot when I looked away for a second.

So, beware of that, maybe bring an extra pair of eyes with you when you are there with a carload of kids.

Okay, here are some pictures of this great splash pad...

this picture is hilarious

This was on a Saturday evening after school already started again... it was pretty quiet that night!


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