Best Streets to Trick or Treat in Dixie, Southern Utah

This is going to have to be an ongoing post... what I mean, is I might have to update it again next year.

This is going to be a very big deal this year. My kids have never experienced real American Trick or Treating. I have talked about it, and they have seen it on tv shows over the years and they are very excited. As am I!

This is why I wanted to pick a neighborhood that would be awesome for their first experience. Originally, I had planned to spend the weekend with my brother and his family in Spanish Fork, Utah. They live in a neighborhood with about a million kids so it was going to be perfect... but since the flu has affected everyone lately, and since my whole family was sick to death of road trips since we moved back here, we decided to stay in St. George.

This posed a problem for me. I didn't know where the best street was. After a quick google search, I found nothing! No one has blogged about this, at least, not in the first three or four pages of a google search.

I did find plenty of alternatives to Trick or Treating... but I am not looking for another trunk or treat or some other random city sponsored Halloween party... I am looking for the real thing.

When in doubt, ask around! Talk to everyone. Even Facebook groups like St. George Online Yard Sale (it's a private group, I recommend joining some of these when relocating - you will find out so much stuff from these local allies).

My neighbors directly across the street are all decorated for Halloween, but I know for a fact that I live on a very empty street when it comes to Trick or Treating. Lots of empty lots and retirees.

This street is great if you want a view, views all around up on this street, but when it comes to kid friendly: it aint!

Why did I pick this house then you ask? Because! It was about the only rental that allowed pets and ticked all our boxes (almost all our boxes). 

Probably the best person to ask about trick or treating is a postal worker. They know every neighborhood! Luckily, my brother in law is a former delivery person... so he gave me the low down on Santa Clara, at least.

I had already heard about two very good neighborhoods in Santa Clara but people didn't know exactly where they were... just word of mouth...

So, now I know.

Neighborhood one: South of Sunset off Lava Flow Drive, Santa Clara, Utah.
Streets in the area around Arrowhead Elementary School are very nice, well lit with street lights and good sidewalks. I am told this neighborhood has lots of children... something I will be investigating more in the future. I did drive by and the homes here are very nice! Only down side is that they are huge, so it's a lot of walking from house to house, and some homes sit back away from the street and it could be a lot of walking for little kids, but it's okay for older kids.

Here is what I heard, one neighbor puts up a large projector screen and shows a movie in the front yard. Another neighbor has an ATV and pulls a train of sorts for the children. I will check it out this weekend!

Some photos to wet our appetite as of Monday, Oct 26 (2015):
250 Le Grande Circle, Santa Clara

Neighborhood two: Red Mountain off 400 E Street, Ivins, Utah
This neighborhood and the others near it are quaint. The neighborhood has lots of trees and the homes are modest and close together. I drove through the area today and almost everyone's home was decorated, which is a good sign. I think a neighborhood like this is good for little kids because they won't have to walk as far and all the homes were at street level, no steep porches or stairs to climb.

Neighborhood three: Northeast Santa Clara near Jacob Drive, Santa Clara, Utah
Newer homes and street lights are in this area. There was one house in particular that caught my attention. They have been decorating it for weeks, and it was very nicely done. I heard from several people from my side of town that they trick or treat in this area.

This house is awesome:

Neighborhood four: Northeast corner, Cross streets: W 1300 S and Angel Heights Drive of Hurricane, Utah.
Last year my sister and her kids went to this neighborhood with our cousins from Virgin. Virgin is a really small town so you can imagine that anyone with kids drives into Hurricane for Trick or Treating. My sister described this neighborhood as Leave it to Beaver with white picket fences and all. They plan on going there again. 

I found these photos via Google Street View:
White picket fences

Tree lined streets

And that is the list for now... I will continue to update it as more info flows in, but I am told that a lot of areas in Bloomington and some parts of Santa Clara are less popular because there are no street lights so it feels less safe, even though it's probably okay. 


cutekittypunk said…
I went by some houses out in Santa Clara and there seems to be a contest for best Halloween Decorations this year. The house that I posted above with the slats on the windows, they have added even more stuff this year. Like when I drove by the other day they had a pirate skeleton on the rooftop. It was truly awesome. I have to go by again and take photos. It was cool. But then, on another street in Santa Clara, I believe it was Red Mountain Drive, there was this house with like a haunted corn thing going on in the front garden with all kinds of skulls and creepy stuff all over. And on Santa Clara Heights Dr, there was that uber modern house with all the pumpkins and gravestones. Very cool stuff this year (2016)

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