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Pinterest - August (even though it's September now)... and baby update.

So, since I've gotten into Pinterest - pinning crafts and recipes, I thought it would be good to share what works and what doesn't work out so well. I have been crocheting like a crazy old granny lately because I needed something to do to focus while I waited for my baby to be born.

I am now, surprisingly 41 weeks pregnant and going...

First time that has happened with me. I'm told it's because the baby is a boy. All my girls where 5 days late... but this is almost too much to take.

Anyway, my midwife "swept the membranes" or "stretched my cervix" this morning. This caused a little bit of blood loss... and some obvious discomfort but so far... no contractions... and I suspect it won't do much either.

So, if by morning, nothing progresses, then I am to call the hospital gynocologist and make an appointment for an echo on Thursday morning... and then I can call the midwife and she can come in the weekend and try and break the waters in hopes that it s…