Crafty Crochet Challenge

In my repertoire for 2013 I challenged myself to make something from the amigurumi style of crochet. 

And I finally did! Wednesday night I started it, Thursday afternoon I spent about an hour on it, and then Friday I finished it up.

I was so surprised about how quickly you can make things... (normally I made afghans and they take forever).

I don't know why but I thought it would be difficult, but it's not - it's easy peasy!

I got this book:

Amigurumi Two but I found it at a book store in the Netherlands so it was in Dutch like this: Superschattige figuurtjes haken.

So, it took me a little bit of figuring out just what the heck they were saying... reading a recipe in Dutch is no problem for me, but reading a crochet pattern in Dutch - difficult.

I think I got it though.

I made the "hot air balloon with teddy" and I know just who to give it to :)

I must say, I'm impressed with myself for completing one of my New Year's goals - it feels pretty good.


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