Best of Pinterest

In the last two months or so I've really gotten into Pinterest - 

and even though I had that Pin It button on my tool bar for over a year, I finally got why Pinterest is useful.

It's like Evernote - but public - although they do have a possibility for secret boards... and it's a great way to organize stuff...

except that Evernote lets you organize websites and notes without images...  that's the only problem I've run into with Pinterest - I can't "pin" some really useful websites because they have no images on the site. It basically sucks then...

But really, I have come across some super duper cute tutorials and images that I basically without Pinterest - would have probably not stumbled upon.

Here they are...

Definitely the Cutest Craft tutorial I have seen this month:

From - DIY Fox Scarf with Free Pattern
How cute it this foxy scarf?! I love it. And it actually looks easy to make according the the tutorial... I may need to go to the thrift store to find just the right plaid shirt to tear apart for a project like this.

Coolest Birthday Cake tutorial:

Diamonds for Dessert blog: The Lorax Cake
I love, Love, LOVE the cotton candy Truffala Trees... I'm definitely considering making this one for my youngest daughters 3rd birthday this August.

I am missing Utah - Most Stunning Image:

Shooting Star and Milky Way over Green River, Utah
The next best thing about Pinterest, is when I'm a bit depressed because of the endless, cloudy rainy days in Eindhoven, I can ooh and aah over pictures others have captured of my Beautiful home state Utah. I so miss the milky way... 

In addition to my board called "Beautiful Utah," I also have boards labeled: Best Beach/Coastal Towns, Hottest Spot on the Planet (Paris) and Little Holland (no dreary photos here, though.)

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What are you favorite boards or things to pin on Pinterest?
Or why haven't you gotten into Pinterest yet? Leave a comment and let me know!


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