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I stole it.

Mark just showed me this book he got. It wasn't familiar to me. Then he had to run an errand, and while he was gone I picked up the book and started reading it.

He got home and he was like you stole my book... and I thought, I am an artist.

The book is called Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon - and it's a little book, I read it in about 30 minutes and it sparked a good many ideas for me. 

One idea was to write down ideas... and I already write down ideas as I get them, but maybe I need to put them in a little book where they can remain all together so that I can access them easily again.

Also, I do journal on a regular basis so I got that going for me... but I could do more.

There is some advice in this little book that I've already figured out myself - that I wish I would have known when I was younger.

For example, educational and financial stuff that Mark and I talk about all the time, now. We are like - we should tell our kids this when they get to be that age so that they…

Basketball, Oreo Blizzards, and Whoppers

What do these three things have in common: basketball, Oreo Blizzards, and the BK Whopper?

Answer: My grandmother Dorothy Shea.

She passed away a few years ago, but this week we will be celebrating her birthday as a way to remember her - and as a way for the kids to learn about her.

She played high school basketball in Logan, Utah... something I never learned about her until after her passing. I think I was aware that she liked watching baseball on t.v.

Recently, my girls have been getting into baseball. So, we've watched different movies on t.v. or Netflix, rather - to teach them the sport. So, I'm going to do the same thing with basketball.

We have two movies in the queue - ready to go to show them how basketball is cool. One is called The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend. I watched it a few months ago and remembered that this kid could spin the basketball on his finger for a very long time... they are looking forward to seeing that.

We also have queued - a girls basketball movie - t…

Best of Pinterest

In the last two months or so I've really gotten into Pinterest - 

and even though I had that Pin It button on my tool bar for over a year, I finally got why Pinterest is useful.

It's like Evernote - but public - although they do have a possibility for secret boards... and it's a great way to organize stuff...

except that Evernote lets you organize websites and notes without images...  that's the only problem I've run into with Pinterest - I can't "pin" some really useful websites because they have no images on the site. It basically sucks then...

But really, I have come across some super duper cute tutorials and images that I basically without Pinterest - would have probably not stumbled upon.

Here they are...

Definitely the Cutest Craft tutorialI have seen this month:

How cute it this foxy scarf?! I love it. And it actually looks easy to make according the the tutorial... I may need to go to the thrift store to find just the right plaid shirt to tear apart …

Thoughts proceeding a Dream

Last night or rather this morning, I had a very poignant dream. I woke up thinking, gosh, if I could go back in time I wouldn't have changed what I studied in college or where I went to college, I would have changed what I had done in high school which would have changed what I studied in college and where!

I had a dream that I was in Paris. And I had this feeling like I should have pursued art.

As a child I had the gift. I loved art. I loved drawing. 

You know, I'm pretty disappointed in society today because they place so little emphasis on the arts. Everywhere -- although, I'm told that in Indonesia there is a higher emphasis on the arts with children.

I always wanted to take an art class. But it wasn't until 8th grade that they finally offered an art class in school. Until then, I had finally convinced my mom that I was good enough to take an art class.

She had me taking piano lessons for years even though I showed very little improvement - and had little interest in pr…