The Candida Diet and This Week's Menu Meal Plan

About two years ago I had the worst cough imaginable. It was a nagging couch. It felt like asthma might feel like. It wouldn't go away. I thought it was caused by an allergy to my new pet rabbit in the house... but after an allergy test - that wasn't it. Then, against my better judgement I finally went to my house doctor - knowing he couldn't do anything for me (sorry I don't have much faith in doctors)... and sure enough all he could do for me was give me an antibiotic. I thought to myself, that's not going to do any good, but I was desperate so I took it... and it didn't do any good!

I spent weeks searching the Internet and my Nutritious Healing book and finally after much pondering decided to follow the Candida diet and cleanse. Found here at this link: Candida Detox. I didn't even wait till the beginning of the year, I think I started it December 31st - I was so desperate to get well...

and within 3 days I started feeling much better - and within 5 days - all my symptoms were gone! But I couldn't do the detox for more than 5 days I found it so difficult and I felt so hungry... I then switched over to the Primal Blueprint and I continued to feel great and lose weight.

Then, somewhere along the way I fell off the wagon... or you know, I gave in to the old ways again - eating sugar and wheat and I felt okay... 

I gained weight.

But today, two years later, I have this same nagging, horrible cough. And I know what worked before... and I'm not willing to live another day with it eating the way I have always eaten. 

I cannot do the cleanse right now - I'm pregnant - 4 1/2 month... but I can eat better.

Yesterday we went to our Stake Conference in Brussels, and while gone, one of the kids - had turned up the radiator dial... yeah, it was set to 25-C degrees... so we were like, we should cut back on groceries or something this week to off set the cost of having the heat on all day while we were gone. Ouch.

I was totally going to do a Budget friendly meal plan this week... but now I'm like - I feel sick. I have this cough. I can't live with this cough for 2 1/2 months like I did two years ago...

This week's meal plan, I will try to keep to my regular budget - but we are eating Primal/Paleo! I have got to get rid of this cough... and I have been eating too many sweets, anyway.

Monday: Sauerkraut Curry - served over mashed "faux-tatoes" (cauliflower)
Tuesdsay: Cider-braised Brats with onions and peppers, roasted carrots and (potatoes - none for me though).
Wednesday: "Carpaccio van ossenhaas" with Parmesan cheese and Basil-Pesto Dressing - this was an awesome salad/starter dish I once had at a restaurant in Eindhoven called: Sizzling. It was so good. It also had rucola, walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes. I'm not sure what else to serve with this meal... but this is the starter!

That's all I have so far, I know it's only three days of the week menu here, but planning a budget friendly Primal/Paleo meal plan is not that easy.


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