Menu Monday and Spring PAC 2013

I usually try to plan the meals for the week on Monday - then I go to the store and do my shopping - well some of it. Some of it get's saved for Wednesday when I hit the farmer's market (much cheaper produce). And I always find myself back at the store at the end of the week getting more milk, bread and apples... they always run out first... and I try to stock up on snacks for the weekend. All in all, I'm trying to keep my spending to about 100 euros a week on groceries - but it's difficult with a growing family - and I've noticed that this time of year - produce - and apples are not cheap.

Here is the menu for this week:
Monday - Indian Butter Chicken (veganized) This is the way my husband prefers the meal - he doesn't really like the taste of chicken that much - so we usually use a fake chicken substitute like wheat meat or something store bought and quick. 

Tuesday - Chickpea Burrito's. This is a recipe I found at - but the title of the recipe is so long, I've shortened it to make things simple. It's really a nice alternative to black bean or pinto bean burrito's. The strange thing is - when I've gone to vegweb to post the link - I cannot find the original recipe. I know I printed it off vegweb because I'm looking right at it - I saved the original printed copy of the recipe... therefore, the person who submitted it must have removed it. Which is a shame because it's an excellent recipe that I've been making since 2008 when I first printed it off. I'm going to have to blog it... tomorrow?!

Wednesday - Asparagus Soup and Seedy Soda Bread. We had this delicious soup for Easter Sunday. My mother-in-law made it. When she shared the recipe I was surprised to learn it's from a box mix. Very delicious and easy, too - excellent!!! I will make some awesome yeast free bread to go with it.

Thursday - Vegetarian Sloppy Joes and probably some french fries, too.

Friday - Frietavond. Mark will be gone all day photographing a wedding - so this is our day to eat whatever I want. Normally, I'd use it as an excuse to make Lasagna or Mac n cheese, but I'm much to lazy for that... so we will have french fries, bitterballen, loepia's and frikendal.

Saturday - Pannekoeken - this is becoming a weekly tradition - at least the kids eat it!

Sunday - Vegetable Soup with Chive Dumplings (this is from the same recipe book that I found the Seedy Soda Bread in - it's so good).

Not the best photo - but it's so yummy - the dumplings cook right on top of the soup and it's just so good (I repeat myself a lot - but it's really, really good.)

So, the main thing here is we are having a vegetarian week. Last week we had meat 4 days out of the week - and we really try to eat less meat than that, but I had been participating in the Spring Pick-a-chef 2013 - event - in which you pick three chefs that have submitted recipes on and try three of their recipes. Then rate and review them. You can also submit photos of the recipes you've tried. 

That was a nice thing to participate in - and also someone adopted me and tried three of my recipes that I submitted. Also, I discovered some really good recipes while participating in this event. My favorites are as follows:

Pan Seared Steak and Vegetable Noodle Soup garnished with Bacon
Lemon, Caper & Garlic White Bean Dip

I also made ribs for the first time - from scratch. Usually, we just buy the pre-baked frozen kind that are already marinated.... and my oh my - how delicious they are when you make them yourself. I made mine in the slow cooker and the meat was so tender it simply fell from the bone. And it was easy... so easy. It really only takes time but if you whip up some marinade and spread it on the ribs - put it in the slow cooker and by the time you are ready to eat - they are done. The recipe - wasn't bad - it just wasn't my favorite kind of marinade... but I still have a kilo of ribs in the freezer and next week I'll definitely try it again.

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