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White Chocolate Oreo Cookie Spread

There are gonna have to be two recipe versions of this delicious spread. This is the easy version. I will have to create another version for people who cannot buy White chocolate spread so easily. I'm sure it can be recreated very easily with some coconut oil, sugar, and good quality melted white chocolate. 

But for now, here is what I did.

I bought a jar 400 g white chocolate sandwich spread. I scooped it out and put it into the my food processor and started to process it. That's because sandwich spread can get a little hard and I wanted it nice and whipped for when I added in the Oreo cookies.

First I started with 4 Oreo cookies. Then I decided two more would do it. Turned out really yummy and very easy. Scooped into clean jar. Now I think this is something that the Oreo cookie people could introduce on the global market.

I also, went one step further and made a peanut butter variety. And that one is super duper yummy.

So, from the first recipe of 400 g white chocolate spread and 6 Oreo cookies, I took about 1/3-1/2 cup of this mixture and I added to it about 2 heaping tablespoons chunky peanut butter. And I processed that together. That's it. Easy peasy. Delicious, too.

I taste tested - and both are good on bread :) Much better than Speculoos/Biscoff spread if you ask me!

And looks-wise this spread looks better than some of the other spread recipes that I linked to the other day. I think that's because this spread looks like an Oreo cookie milk shake - and that is something I am already used to seeing and something I really already liked. 

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UPDATE: It's been a few weeks since I've posted this - and guess what I found on Pinterest the other day - Oreo Cookie Fluff. I thought I would share the recipe here since some of you cannot buy White Chocolate Sandwich Spread so easily - so here is an alternative - although I'm sure it tastes incredibly different - maybe it's not meant to be spread on bread - but oh well - it looks good:
Oreo Fluff from Cara Cooks and White Chocolate Oreo Fluff Dessert by Food Family Finds

UPDATE 2: Made this again, this time using Duo Penotti White Chocolate Spread - yummy - Also my photog husband took some nicer photos - maybe Tastespotting and Foodgawker will approve my images now ;)


Julia said…
Oh my gosh, both versions look to-die for! I love anything cookies n' cream and peanut butter is my ultimate weakness! I could spoon feed myself this stuff all day long!

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