Oreo Cookie Spread

You know how they have Nutella? And it's delicious. Now they have been selling this Speculoos (Biscoff spread) and since then I've been thinking Nabisco should hop on the band wagon and introduce an Oreo Cookie sandwich spread. And I think they should have the Netherlands be their test market because we already eat sweet stuff on our bread all the time.

Two years ago I was at the Aldi and I had found some Stracciatella sandwich spread and it was pretty good but I would love it if Nabisco could do a sandwich spread as well. 

I made some pretty awesome sweet rolls with that Stracciatella sandwich spread. Too bad it was only a limited time thing because I would buy something like that on a regular basis if it was available.

I should try to figure out how to make my own cookie spread, but the problem is whenever I buy Oreo's and intend on making something yummy like this:

I never almost never get around to making that stuff because we end up just eating them plain. But that looks good, right?! I saw it on Facebook yesterday and I was like - YES - I want some.

Or like this:
From Kevin and Amanda's blog

So, that's it, I'm gonna have to find the contact form at Nabisco.com and get them to manufacture me some - maybe they can send me a free test case as well :) One can hope!

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A quick search on the web yielded this:
Oreo Cookie Spread from Buns in my Oven
(See, that's the idea, except - it's a bit dark and I was thinking it should look for more like the Stracciatella spread - more creamy white with chunky bits of Oreo cookie in it)
Oreo cookie Spread form Beautiful Disasters
(Same complaint as above)


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