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Repertoire 2013

owl cake for my 34th birthday!

The last couple of years I have done my annual New Year's Resolutions... I have looked back over some of them and found that some times I did well, but mostly not.

This year I wanted to go back and do a Repertoire. It's something that my friend KP started. She put together a poster of all kinds of fun things to do in the year. Some challenges - but mostly just trying out something new and fun. 

I've decided to do this in 2013.

1. I got a really cool "cook book" for my birthday this year - one that had been on my wish list for some time... the Juice Master's Funky Fresh Juice Book... in 2013 - try every recipe in the book - even the ones with garlic, tomato, and asparagus - this is my Funky Challenge!

2. Paint my toe nails once a month in a fun, glittery - colorful way. Paint Kailea's, Ella's and Siembra's toe nails the same way - it will be our girls thing once a month! This is my Cool Mom Challenge!

3. Once a month, bake sweet rolls from my idea list of interesting flavor combinations - do not do the traditional or twist on traditional cinnamon rolls - use my fun flavor ideas like Strawberry Lemonade. This is my Sweet Rolls that Rock Challenge!

4. Crochet something in the amigurumi style and give it as a gift to someone. I have been crocheting since I was 12 and I haven't tried this yet - so this is my Crafty-crochet Challenge!  

5. Bake with xylitol this year. Last year I made a vegan chocolate cake with avocado in it (for my birthday). This year I baked the owl cake - it was awesome. I used the Basic Paleo cake recipe or a variation thereof and topped it with honey-butter-cocoa powder frosting and decorated it with pineapple rings. Very easy and very low in white sugar. In fact there was no white sugar. Only honey, banana and the naturally sweet dried grated coconut to sweeten it. This year, my challenge is to try baking with xylitol as I found it's safe for candida sufferers to use. This is my Sugar-replacement Challenge!

6. Lastly, I want to have some fun with exercise, so I will dance Wii style to Disney Just Dance - and have some fun with the kiddos, too. This is my Exercise Challenge!

*Now that this is part of my repertoire - I have an excuse to buy one more present  - the Wii Disney Just Dance game... I'm really excited to dance to that Squirrels in my Pants song from Phineas and Ferb.

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I like your challenge ideas. So much better than resolutions. You go girl.

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