Rainbow Candy Cake

Traditionally people eat pie for Thanksgiving... but I wanted an excuse to make this cake and I didn't want to wait for someone's birthday to roll around... so I made it for Thanksgiving and I'd just like to say I'm thankful  for Kitkat Bars and for M&M's and for cake. 

Several years ago I swore that I wouldn't make cake again because it's too much work and it's so difficult to make it look like the pro's make it look... that's why I mainly stick to cinnamon rolls - and cinnamon rolls are better than cake... but I digress.

I made a cake. It wasn't so very difficult to make it look good. The first secret for making a messed up frosting cake look good is to cover it with strawberries or some other favorite fruit: see this post here.

The second secret for making a messed up frosting cake look good is to cover it with candy!! 

Also, when I walked out of the kitchen after everyone was already pretty much stuffed from eating Thanksgiving turkey, potatoes, and every thing else... the jaws dropped and eyes rolled in excitement for this cake. 

I used a basic yellow cake mix and made 4 separate batches - adding a bit of food dye to each batch. Then I froze the cake layers a day or two until I was ready to assemble the cake. I made some simple buttercream frosting, frostied between the layers and the sides of the cake and then I pressed the Kitkat bars to the side of the cake and poured out a bag of M&M's over the cake and let them fall down the sides.

It couldn't be any easier than that! Next time we might use Skittles so we can literally taste the rainbow... maybe even add different flavor extracts to each cake layer to spunk it up.

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