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Repertoire 2013

The last couple of years I have done my annual New Year's Resolutions... I have looked back over some of them and found that some times I did well, but mostly not.

This year I wanted to go back and do a Repertoire. It's something that my friend KP started. She put together a poster of all kinds of fun things to do in the year. Some challenges - but mostly just trying out something new and fun. 

I've decided to do this in 2013.

1. I got a really cool "cook book" for my birthday this year - one that had been on my wish list for some time... the Juice Master's Funky Fresh Juice Book... in 2013 - try every recipe in the book - even the ones with garlic, tomato, and asparagus - this is my Funky Challenge!

2. Paint my toe nails once a month in a fun, glittery - colorful way. Paint Kailea's, Ella's and Siembra's toe nails the same way - it will be our girls thing once a month! This is my Cool Mom Challenge!

3. Once a month, bake sweet rolls from my idea list …

Rainbow Candy Cake

Traditionally people eat pie for Thanksgiving... but I wanted an excuse to make this cake and I didn't want to wait for someone's birthday to roll around... so I made it for Thanksgiving and I'd just like to say I'm thankful  for Kitkat Bars and for M&M's and for cake. 

Several years ago I swore that I wouldn't make cake again because it's too much work and it's so difficult to make it look like the pro's make it look... that's why I mainly stick to cinnamon rolls - and cinnamon rolls are better than cake... but I digress.

I made a cake. It wasn't so very difficult to make it look good. The first secret for making a messed up frosting cake look good is to cover it with strawberries or some other favorite fruit: see this post here.

The second secret for making a messed up frosting cake look good is to cover it with candy!! 

Also, when I walked out of the kitchen after everyone was already pretty much stuffed from eating Thanksgiving turkey, p…