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I lost my long time friend Maxine last year in May. She was the most beautiful min-pin ever. She was so sweet and warm and I swear every time I met someone who wasn't a dog person - they took a real liking to her. I think it was because of her size and charm. She was a lot like a cat in many ways, too.

The other night I dreamed of her. It was a nice dream.

Since Maxine has been gone I have felt the need to have another pet in my life. But because I have got three kids to take care of I have felt the need to not have a full time pet. Dogs, especially small dogs, need a lot more attention. Especially when you live in a small apartment or house with a small yard. You really need to walk them several times a day. This is probably why they make such great companion pets for the Elderly and otherwise lonely folks. 

After all, I got Maxine when I was lonely... and single. Things have changed a lot since then.

Well, after much thought, I settled on getting a rabbit. I actually inherited a cute black rabbit from a friend that was getting a small dog that needed lot of attention so she couldn't take care of the rabbit anymore.

So, this rabbit came with a name, and I didn't change it. At first, I thought it was a strange name for a rabbit because the name is such a human name in my opinion. The name is Noah. But when my littlest girl pronounces it - she says Nona. It's so cute. and I think Nona is a nice name for a bunny especially when she says it in her cute little voice.

I've been enjoying the rabbit as a pet. Such a nice pet. Quiet. Doesn't really need to be let out so that's nice. We had Noah inside for a while, but got him a permanent house outside. So no more smelly smells inside. 

Finally, I've decided to get some fish, too. I got gold fish. I got three. I picked out the perfect names based on their colors. One was black - I named him Zwarte Piet. The other was white - I named it Witte Dame. The other is a classic gold fish - I named it Goldie Hawn.

Pet names are fun. They shouldn't be serious names at all. Especially when it comes to fish. Fish are not like dogs at all. They are a really easy pet. When one dies, there is no real attachment and you just flush them down the toilet and get another one if you want. 

Zwarte Piet died after two weeks. I didn't replace him. Two is enough.

Dogs and cats - you can form a real attachment to because they cuddle with you and require so much more care. I cried for two weeks when Maxine had to be put down. It was probably one of the worst things I ever had to do. I think that's why I'm just not ready to get another dog again. The kids have been asking though... but I'm not ready for it yet.

We've had a lot of dogs in my life time. We've come up with some good names for our pets. My sister-in-law has got some good pet names too. She lives on a farm. She has a lot of pets. I'll list those names, too.

Goldie (Golden Retriever)
Stippy (goat)
Betta (was a Betta fish)

and of course Maxine - who I lovingly called Maxy Waxy

I can't remember all the names - there has been too many.
I remember that I wanted the name Berend for a pet. I think that's a nice pet name.

It just so happens that I'm watching Lady and the Tramp while I type this post. Thinking about pet names, thinking about dogs... maybe it won't be too long before we get another... but then, if another baby comes in the next year or two... then we'll be waiting on that :)

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