Netflix instant

I used to be into blogging a lot but that was probably because we didn't have any cable subscription and now we finally decided to get Netflix because we heard you could get it with a simple subscription to a service called unblockus and since we did that life has changed a lot.

I used to want to go out on dates with my husband, and that costs quite some money from our monthly budget but now, I'm content sitting at home watching stuff like Teen Wolf (the MTV series) and Life on Mars (the US version) and we also found out recently that we can switch to unblock us UK and then we get to see the UK netflix shows - and there are a lot more movies on that side of it.

Wow, that was a long sentence... 

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I still bake quite a lot and cook yummy food and I post most of those photos on my facebook or Instagram... but to sit down and blog it is not as much fun as watching Psych - commercial free!

But in the next few days I will post the recipe I used to make these:

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreo!
And by the way, Teen Wolf - is really funny - I never thought I would laugh so hard at the "gory scary stuff" but it's hilarious.

I remember going to see one of those Halloween movies in the theatre like 15 years ago and being totally freaked out and there were all these people in the theatre laughing and throwing popcorn and being obnoxious, I was younger then and not really into the Horror genre... but I get the humor in it now!

Oh yeah, one more thing, Kailea is 6 1/2 - but still quite the kiddo if you know what I mean. She gets freaked out over the littlest thing. Tonight when I put her to bed she was scared out of her shorts over an episode of Phineas and Ferb when Candace is dressed like a mummy... I'm not sure she's gonna dig Halloween next weekend... we'll see.


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