Jane by Design... cancelled!

So, I'm not really one of those people that watches a lot of TV. I don't even really like most of the programs on there. One of the biggest problems is - I watch a pilot and a few episodes and I think - this show is genius and then after one season, they've lost me... or I've lost interest.

Then along came Jane. I was totally hooked on this show. It's true that it was a bit soapy - and I couldn't stand India.... but I loved the chemistry between Billy and Jane and between Rita and Ben. I was watching it on Netflix and almost half way through the first season when I googled it for more info. and found out within days that ABC family would not be re-newing it for a second season. 

I was totally bummed. I still watched the entire first season, knowing that I would never see Billy and Jane kiss. I thought about writing a letter to the execs at ABC... and I thought about starting an online petition... although, if I do a quick search, I could probably already find one... but in the end, I've forgotten about it and just let it go.

After all, I'm not really a big TV person anyway. I really prefer movies because they tell a story much quicker. 

Anyway, did anyone else notice the names in Jane by Design? I heard a lot of familiar oldies but goodies.


The name that stands out most is Billy. Because my Dad is called Bill and when he was a boy - Grandma called him Billy. And I have always thought about using my Dad's name for one of my future sons - but more as a middle name... but since watching Billy and Jane on my TV screen - I've taken a real liking to the name Billy.

So I suggested to my husband that we use this name for our future son... and then Kailea, my oldest girl (6 years old) says to me... Bill! That means bum - pointing at her rear end. And it occurs to me, aah man,  I finally take a liking to this name but I could never use it because it means Ass in Dutch.

You see, that just really sucks!!

But that's okay, because I've got a list of fall back names over here and here.


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