Chiles Rellenos

This is one of the recipes from my grandmother. It comes from her Santa Monica Relief Society Cook Book p. 90. And it was a long time ago that she lived in Santa Monica, California. Probably from the 1960's. So, someone has been making this recipe for quite a while. It's good. I remember the first time having it. Oh yum. Cheesy, spicy, good. Yes, it's good, I know I'm repeating myself a bit, but it's good and easy to put together. 

I had a friend from Mexico that liven in my area that would go to Utrecht sometimes to this Spanish-imports market and she got me a can of green chile poblanos. I had that can for two years, saving it for the day I'd make these stuffed green chiles. I was hoping to have a nice Mexican feast - maybe do it for Christmas or something. But that day never came so I just decided to bake them for myself one day and then I ate the leftovers over the course of a week. 

I love this recipe but I live in a house full o picky eaters. So, I made them for me!

I blog them for me! This is my online recipe book - and this recipe needs to be here in it's original form. 

I don't have very much from Grandma York. I was already living over here when she died and I could only take from her what I already had. That's why a recipe card becomes a valuable cherished piece of paper. I love it - especially with it's typing errors.

Cold chiles - re-heated the next day - yummy.


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