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Easy Tomato Salad

I like this salad because it has a nice presentation, it's easy to make and it's so delicious. I made it for a church potluck - but I'd totally make a smaller one plate version for myself on a daily basis - it's so yummy and a good way to eat tomatoes in the raw - which is something I don't normally do... so this one was a good way for me to eat my greens (reds in this case).

Tomato Salad for 4:
4-6 ripe tomatoes in thin slices
about 100 g black or green olives (pitted)
1/2 green bell pepper, sliced thin
juice from 1/2 lemon
1 garlic clove, pressed
75 ml extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed
Pinch ground cumin
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 small red onion, thinly sliced in rings
2-3 stems parsley, finely chopped or 1 teaspoon dried parsley

Arrange the tomato slices in a circular pattern on the plate - two to three layers thick. Place the olives around the tomatoes one by one. Make a dressing from the lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, and salt and pepper to tas…

Jane by Design... cancelled!

So, I'm not really one of those people that watches a lot of TV. I don't even really like most of the programs on there. One of the biggest problems is - I watch a pilot and a few episodes and I think - this show is genius and then after one season, they've lost me... or I've lost interest.
Then along came Jane. I was totally hooked on this show. It's true that it was a bit soapy - and I couldn't stand India.... but I loved the chemistry between Billy and Jane and between Rita and Ben. I was watching it on Netflix and almost half way through the first season when I googled it for more info. and found out within days that ABC family would not be re-newing it for a second season. 

I was totally bummed. I still watched the entire first season, knowing that I would never see Billy and Jane kiss. I thought about writing a letter to the execs at ABC... and I thought about starting an online petition... although, if I do a quick search, I could probably already find one…

Chiles Rellenos

This is one of the recipes from my grandmother. It comes from her Santa Monica Relief Society Cook Book p. 90. And it was a long time ago that she lived in Santa Monica, California. Probably from the 1960's. So, someone has been making this recipe for quite a while. It's good. I remember the first time having it. Oh yum. Cheesy, spicy, good. Yes, it's good, I know I'm repeating myself a bit, but it's good and easy to put together. 

I had a friend from Mexico that liven in my area that would go to Utrecht sometimes to this Spanish-imports market and she got me a can of green chile poblanos. I had that can for two years, saving it for the day I'd make these stuffed green chiles. I was hoping to have a nice Mexican feast - maybe do it for Christmas or something. But that day never came so I just decided to bake them for myself one day and then I ate the leftovers over the course of a week. 

I love this recipe but I live in a house full o picky eaters. So, I made the…

Muffin-top Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies

Quite some time ago - in 2010 to be precise I did a blogpost about some favorite oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that my brother makes - and they are really good - like really, really good. But, since then I haven't baked cookies in a while - I've been mainly doing healthy stuff and sweet rolls when I get the chance, and every once in a while I do make some oldie but goodies - favorite family recipes - but since going healthier - I like to re-vamp the oldie but goodies using healthier ingredients like 100% organic coconut cooking cream (oil), and honey or apple syrup or raw sugar and less of it than is normally called for in most recipes. And I've been cooking with fresh ground whole wheat and stuff like that. So, yesterday I got in one of the moods and that's what I done! I re-vamped my brother's cookies.  And not only that - I'm not even sure he is still a "Sargeant" - he might be a something up from that?

Okay, because I made changes to the recipe - …