More Punk Baby Names

You know I'm one of those people that likes to make lists. And one of my favorite things to make lists of - is names... baby names lists.

Okay, I've been thinking back to some of my old lists from high school... there are some more "out there" names on the list... I guess you could say, they are more punk.

Zeegus (First saw it on a list in the temple... but I never really knew how to pronounce it... or where is comes from - Dutch maybe?)
Shelby (It's a rad car... a unisex name; I like it better for a girl... only problem with this name... it reminds me of this song - "she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes" - she'll be sounds like shelby - see the problem?)
Belly (Just because - it's cuter than Belle)
Olive (Just because - it's cuter than Olivia)

Moby (Why I liked it - Moby...still like it)
Trekiev (Why I liked it - sounds Russian... Why I stopped liking it - sounds like trachea)
Kelso (Not because of that 70's show... but because there was this really hot guy in my psychology class that I almost sort of stalked - and this was his last name)

Okay, I have also checked out my list of friends on FB and I will tell you which ones are the most unique sounding... and I will also share with you the most common names... 

Camarie (a variation of the ever popular Marie)
Celeste (so heavenly - she's my cousin)
Fabianna (sounds fabulous)
Gaelle (even better than Belle - that's pronounced guy-elle)
Galadriel (her mom was a big fan of Tolkien)
Genei Simone (BFF)
Ginger (come on - who doesn't like ginger?!)
Hafida (I recognize that this might be common in a country like Morocco - but it's not in America)
KaeCie Rae
Lluvia (Spanish - means rain)
Lolly (much better than Dolly -which every little girl names their first Doll [Nickname though: I think her actual name is Lauralene])
Monterey/Monti (These are two different people I know)
Ratna (she's Asian - so yeah!)
Roisin (Irish - and very pretty when you know how to pronounce it)
Shealyn (my BBS)
Wonjeong (we called her Joe - those Koreans know how to pronounce that one)


As there are not that many uncommon guy names, I shall list some cool last names that could make cool first names:

Beck (Now that's cool!)
Corwin (Kinda like Corbin)
Deza (Sounds feminine - like Daisy)
Hug (Yes, this is a last name - but why not a first - I mean, some people name their kid Happy - so why not Hug? It could be a variation of Hugh!)
Zang (Yes!)

And finally - the most common names of my FB friends:
Rachel and Michelle. So, consider something else if you want your kids not to have the name of an aunt or Mom's best friend!


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