Primal Bitterballen

Dutch Bitterballen - the snack of snacks... as in the king of the snacks! Not just a meatball - it's what I describe to my family and friends as deep fried breaded gravy balls. These would probably be really popular in the southern states.

Fried Bitterballen - the finished product!

I've been wanting to make these on my own for some time, so I went on the web and found a pretty good step-by-step tutorial and video of how to make some. Then I just replaced wheat flour for almond meal. They turned out to be really filling and time consuming to make - but it was a labor of love. The entire process takes about 3 days.

Would I make them again?

Yes. But with some changes. 

"raw" bitterballen - just rolled them - still need to freeze them, then fry them.

I would prefer more "gravy" and less meat. And I'd probably not make them primal because I'd go with that 80% rule. Yes 80 percent of the bitterballen is primal (beef and butter) - why not add a little bit of flour... or at least I'd need to use some other kind of thickener that is just plain better. I'm still really new at this Primal cooking/baking so - maybe it would just need another go around.

Who knows what works better for thickening "gravies"? I can't use coconut flour because it has a strong taste that cannot work in this recipe.

Anyway, bitterballen are very tasty on their own, served with a little mustard or curry ketchup - they are also popular served on bread as a sandwich - which can be found at any Dutch McDonald's under the name McKroket.

Bitterballen are the snack version of kroketten.

I used a mixture of 3 parts almond meal, 2 parts coconut flour and 1 part finely ground flaxseed - looks just like bread crumbs!


I would like to try this
I would like to try this

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