African Peanut Soup - Recipe Reviews

Sometimes I post recipes to - just to see how many calories or grams of protein a recipe has, etc. And in the past I've shared some recipes live - because that's what I do.

Anway, it's always really exciting when I get an email in my inbox that says someone has reviewed one of my recipes... and I'm even more excited when I see they gave it 5 stars. Woot!

So, here in my vanity I gotta post a screen shot of my reviews :)

Only 3 reviews... but they all gave me or my recipe rather, 3 stars. Yes!

This is one of our family favorites. I have also Primalized this recipe. To do it, use sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter. I also sometimes add extra spinach... but I like to follow the 80% rule of the primal blueprint - and I often use home-made peanut butter and pita bread when I serve this meal - that's just the way I like it.

Here is the original recipe on my blog - African Peanut Soup.
And on - it's here.


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