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Primal Bitterballen

Dutch Bitterballen - the snack of snacks... as in the king of the snacks! Not just a meatball - it's what I describe to my family and friends as deep fried breaded gravy balls. These would probably be really popular in the southern states.

I've been wanting to make these on my own for some time, so I went on the web and found a pretty good step-by-step tutorial and video of how to make some. Then I just replaced wheat flour for almond meal. They turned out to be really filling and time consuming to make - but it was a labor of love. The entire process takes about 3 days.

Would I make them again?

Yes. But with some changes. 

I would prefer more "gravy" and less meat. And I'd probably not make them primal because I'd go with that 80% rule. Yes 80 percent of the bitterballen is primal (beef and butter) - why not add a little bit of flour... or at least I'd need to use some other kind of thickener that is just plain better. I'm still really new at this Primal…

African Peanut Soup - Recipe Reviews

Sometimes I post recipes to - just to see how many calories or grams of protein a recipe has, etc. And in the past I've shared some recipes live - because that's what I do.

Anway, it's always really exciting when I get an email in my inbox that says someone has reviewed one of my recipes... and I'm even more excited when I see they gave it 5 stars. Woot!

So, here in my vanity I gotta post a screen shot of my reviews :)

Only 3 reviews... but they all gave me or my recipe rather, 3 stars. Yes!

This is one of our family favorites. I have also Primalized this recipe. To do it, use sunflower seed butter in place of peanut butter. I also sometimes add extra spinach... but I like to follow the 80% rule of the primal blueprint - and I often use home-made peanut butter and pita bread when I serve this meal - that's just the way I like it.

Here is the original recipe on my blog - African Peanut Soup.
And on - it's here.

Basic Breakfast Cake aka ontbijtkoek aka Ginger Bread (Grain-free, Dairy free, Primal)

I highly recommend you follow my gallery on Instagram*. I post almost daily. The thing I like about Instagram is that you can easily edit and upload food photos. It's much faster than blogging your recipes. So, I have a small group of followers to my Instragram "gallery" if you will, and mostly I get a lot of comments through what I also post to facebook - and this one particular photo I posted, I got a request that it be blogged. In other words, one of my fans (okay, she's my sister-in-law) requested the recipe to one such photo:

I guess it does look pretty good. I'm gonna go ahead and meet her request. Because not only does it look pretty good - it tasted pretty good, too. This is a recipe that I've been playing around with for quite some time. And it seemed like every time I made a version of primal ginger bread - it was too eggy or too soggy or too something - but not quite cakey enough. Well, I finally decided to make this version - which is a variation o…