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Punk Baby Names

What do I like to do for fun? Look at my stats on blogger... for example you can see what search terms bring people to your site.

The top 4 search terms which bring people to my site are:

1.  speculoos hagel   ~very understandable - I did a post about these when they first showed up in the supermarket by my house. They are pretty good - but not nearly as good as crunchy speculoos pasta - which I avoid buying because it's that good... it's like that saying - an ounce on the lips - a pound on the hips... well yeah - that's about right!

2. -   ~mmmm - self explanatory

3. spumoni cake   ~ ahh, yes - delicious... or as they say in Italian: delizioso! The original post can be seen here

4. punk baby names   ~um, yeah, I've probably talked about baby names in the past. Let me do a quick search on my site to see what comes up...yep... 3 hits - 3 times I talked about baby names in past posts. But to say punk baby names - no - not really.

Now really - you got to be careful about what you name your kid because you don't want them to hate you for it later. A name can be punk because it's original - it can be cool then - but it can't be like too out there. But that is relative - everyone has a different opinion on names.

Take for example - traditional/old fashioned names... they are making a real comeback - you know, people using names that their grandparents had. Like Ruby and Betty. I'm seeing fewer and fewer common names like Mark and Melissa, Heather and Adam - fine names though  - which I'm sure will make a comeback in the next generation or two.

Here is a name that I really like which I didn't like at first, but it's been rubbing me the right way lately: Wilhemina. Super duper old fashioned - but I dunno - I just like it. Wilhelmina was one of our former Dutch Queens... I also like Beatrix (present day Queen). You know, you can use nicknames like Mina and Bea...My man and close friends hate the name Wilhelmina... hate is a pretty strong word - this from one friend that likes the name Hedwig... um, yeah, I think Not!

Okay, so here is a list of what I consider cool - "punk" baby names for boy and girl.

Cash (Nash, or Dash - all are cool!)
Jorek (sounds like Yorrick - it's a spin off of YORK - my maiden name)
Berend (old fashioned Dutch name - i like it)
Lorenzo (nickname can be Enzo - as in Enzo Ferrari - I'm sure it won't be hard to convince father's of this one... I'm actually considering this name for my future son - if I get one)
Hunter (though, not my personal favorite - my husband loves this name)
Corbin Dallas
- This is the lead character name from the 5th element starring Bruce Willis. I loved the movie and I love this name. Corbin or Dallas - or both - very cool!
- I actually knew a guy in high school named Kir and it was pronounced kinda like cure - which is my all time favorite band.
Rogue - this is a name my man likes. I think it's a character from the X-men.
Bosco - this is the last name from one of our favorite cop characters from the TV show "Third Watch". He also drove a rad muscle car. And it's not a very common name which makes it very punk.

Shiloah (my personal favorite name - hopefully my next child is a girl, because my husband finally agreed to use that name)
Kailea/Kyleah (this is my first girl's name and believe me, she's a punk! It's a combination of the ever popular Kylie and Leah as in Princess Leah from Star Wars)
Siembra (okay, so this is not originally a name - it's Spanish and means to sow - but it's very pretty and works in English just fine.)
Semra (This is a very pretty name, too - if you don't like Siembra - I've heard it used more popular within the Turkish culture)
Tzipporah/Zipporah (It's Hebrew - you choose the spelling - I love it - always have - it means bird, Phoenix is also another cool bird name)
-just because I grew up in St. George, Utah - home of the Dixie Rebels ;)

You can make up your own names. My grandmother named her first daughter (my aunt) after my great grandmother and her first daughter which died young. Sara and Irene - she combined them and got Sarene. That's a very pretty name - you don't hear it very often and it honors the family members that have already passed on.

Okay, finally, a few names worth mentioning... very popular in Dutch culture - which could be used more in America in my opinion:

Saskia (girl)
Jonaro (boy)
Anouk (girl)
Milan (boy)
Chantel (girl)
Bram (boy)

Here is a good list as well.

Comments, comments -  leave me comments - I'd love to hear some of your original or unique baby names... strangers welcome - leave some comments!

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Anonymous said…
does this mean you are pregnant again Mellissa
cutekittypunk said…
No. I am not! But I like thinking of names... for future babies or pets! :)
cutekittypunk said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
cutekittypunk said…
A few weeks back I was attending church in Brussels and I met a couple there with two kids (boy and girl) and their kids are named Tiger and Stella. And I think if you have a strong personality you can name your kids whatever you like. Ever since meeting them I've been thinking to heck with "the norms" I'm going to name my kids names I like and I don't care what everyone else things... which is basically what I've been doing all along... but I'm not going to hold back... I mean Stella and Tiger - not at all weird names but definitely not popular either.

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