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Punk Baby Names

What do I like to do for fun? Look at my stats on blogger... for example you can see what search terms bring people to your site.

The top 4 search terms which bring people to my site are:

1.  speculoos hagel   ~very understandable - I did a post about these when they first showed up in the supermarket by my house. They are pretty good - but not nearly as good as crunchy speculoos pasta - which I avoid buying because it's that good... it's like that saying - an ounce on the lips - a pound on the hips... well yeah - that's about right!

2. -   ~mmmm - self explanatory

3. spumoni cake   ~ ahh, yes - delicious... or as they say in Italian: delizioso! The original post can be seen here

4. punk baby names   ~um, yeah, I've probably talked about baby names in the past. Let me do a quick search on my site to see what comes up...yep... 3 hits - 3 times I talked about baby names in past posts. But to say punk baby names - no - not really.

Now really - you g…

Ijs en ijs desserts (cookbook)

I got this book for my birthday... I haven't tried any recipes yet - I am waiting for warmer weather... However, this "bomb" looks very tempting to try first.

Cookbook Collection

This is why I am a "Mormon Mama Cooking Primal" in 2012
(as in sometimes - as in sometimes cooking Primal - I'll always be a Mama and Mormon), 
because I am broadening my horizons... 
but not neglecting the other cooking and baking 
traditions that make up who I am.
Tonight we eat Dutch-Indonesian Nasi with rice :)
And next week I explore some yeast breads... mmmm :P yum.

Taking and editing photos with Instagram is fun, 
but you cannot enlarge the photos anymore than this...
 Note to self: edit them myself next time!

Indian Butter Chicken (Paleo versus Primal)

You see, this is why I prefer the Primal Blueprint to the Paleo thing...

What's the difference...

Cheese, cream, butter... fat!   Mmmm yummy :)

Tonight I tried a recipe from Mark's Daily Apple - it was a reader submitted recipe - I was so excited to try it what with all the butter, cream and Greek yogurt in it. And I was really disappointed... and also at the same time very happy to find out that I already have the best recipe for Indian Butter Chicken - created by yours truly :)

I did a search of my blog and I've found that this recipe - that I make at least 3 times a month - is not on my blog - and that's just wrong!

This is definitely one of our family favorites - something I call real comfort food.

I must share this delicious recipe with the world.

The original recipe I got from a friend of a friend - and I liked that she put cashew butter in it - but it had way too much Garam Masala in it for my family's liking... so I reworked the recipe again and again until I came…