Frietjes (Paleo/Primal)

Frietjes are what we call fried up things over here in the Netherlands, namely French fries. Well, since going Paleo - or Primal I have tried frying up different things. Surprisingly beets and celery root are not bad, in fact, they are pretty dang good. I also really like to fry up some plantain chips. I hardly miss the old white potato.

I don't force my children to do the Paleo/Primal thing with me though because I want them to actually eat something and I don't care for their whining... so I keep some of their food on hand. 

Tonight I fried up celery root fries for myself and I did that with my wok and used a combination of leftover cooking fat from bratwurst and coconut oil. They do take a while longer to cook and you have to move them around a bit - easier with the deep fryer, but still they tasted great and even the youngest one ate them :) 

The others wouldn't eat them though so I fried up the regular potato fries for them. They looked so perfect so I nibbled on a few and they were good, but really I like the nutty flavor of celery root and I even prefer the taste of celery root to the white potato.

I also cooked up our frikandel and kroketten with the bratwurst cooking fat/coconut oil - so good - you know, you don't have to use a fryer - so I'm not completely Paleo/Primal - we still eat kroketten and frikandel - but you just gotta enjoy life like that on occasion. 

Today in my Google reader I found another blogger mention the celery root fries - she baked hers in the oven: see The Spunky Coconut.


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