Chili Chili Bang Bang (Paleo/Primal)

So, I've been trying out a lot of different chili recipes and this last one I made was a hand written recipe from my mother in law - I have no idea where she got it - but it rocks! Funny thing is - I told the kids we were having chili and they came up with chili chili bang bang - yeah, so we've been watching some old movies and I like the name - just sticks - and they were even singing the little ditty to the chili chili bang bang. Kids are so funny.

Here is the recipe - which I will most likely share with my brother because he hates onions - and there are no onions in this recipe and because it's primal (paleo) there are no beans in it either! 

I also like it because it's not your typical chili recipe. There is no cumin in it and it sort of tastes smokey from the smoked bacon in the recipe - and it also sort of tastes like shoarma meat - maybe from the other spices. 

So, if you are kind of tired of the same old chili and you want to try something different - give this one a go. Or you could even use it in a taco.

I served mine with fried plantains - and it was also very yummy paired with spiced sour cream. Loved it. The leftovers where even yummier - the next day - chili is always the bomb the next day.

Chili Chili Bang Bang
Serves at least 4
This recipe is translated from Dutch, so bear with me ;)

250 grams smoked pork belly, cut in pieces OR 250 grams smoked bacon, cut in pieces.
450-500 grams ground beef/pork mixture
2 small cans tomato puree (but you can add more if you like more saucy)
2 teaspoons sambal
1/2 teaspoon ground paprika
2 tablespoons yellow curry powder
1 red bell pepper, diced fine

Fry up the bacon/pork belly about 10 minutes. Add in the ground beef, tomato puree, spices and bell pepper. Cook everything until meat is cooked through and let it simmer until bell pepper soft.


Anonymous said…
He he! Yeah our littlies love watching "the flying car movie" too. Ok, I've eaten a few different chili recipes, and your version certainly is different, so now I am eager to give it a try.  ◕‿◕

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