Primal for one Month - Protein Power Smoothie

I've been Primal for one month. I've worked hard to get in bed on time, because the biggest difference between Paleo and Primal is that Paleo is just food... Primal - namely, the Primal Blueprint is all about the whole lifestyle thing. Sleep, Exercise, Food, Play. 

I'm trying to play more and enjoy life, not just complain about the weather, etc.

Okay, enough about that, some results for the first month of Primal living: 

1. I've lost 8.5 pounds - effortlessly!
2. I do have more energy.
3. I'm more "regular" - if you know what I mean.
4. No cramps during my monthly cycle.

Okay, so that's great - enough to keep me going. Also, I've noticed that the kids don't dig bread as much as they used to. For example, when I make them lunch, I make them bread still - and then I make myself a delicious bowl of soup and immediately they toss their sandwiches on the ground and they want what I got.

That's cool because I'm teaching them to be primal by example and they want it, too.

For now, I'll keep giving them bread because I need to switch myself over before I change them over... and because I haven't found a good alternative to bread... lots of good Paleo cakes... no good Paleo breads - and I don't think they exist... but I will consider making my own sprouted wheat sour dough bread once in a while :)

Here are a slew of recipes I've tried across the web that are Paleo... some good, some better, some I will never make again.

And one recipe of my own containing Hemp protein powder - which I think is awesome.

Apple Flan Muffins (Paleo-Grain free)
I think they were actually called Apple Butter Muffins, 
but mine turned out so flan-like in the bottoms, the name fits.

Cheese Balls - Appetizers (Paleo - Grain Free)
Kind of boring actually, looks good... 
needs salt or some other spices... maybe some garlic.

Very Blah Flax seed Bread... will not make again - ever!

The very least I could do to improve this very blah Flax seed bread is
fill it with jam and present it like cake.

This was a good one... I believe I blogged about it last month.

Cauliflower Roulette
(vegetarian - good... but by the third day of eating it,
I'm done and will most likely never make it again...
or at least, not for a few years... Paleo, Grain free)

Protein Power - before I blend it -
love the colors and textures to this smoothie -
taste is great, too!

Protein Power Smoothie

4.0g 200ml coconut milk
14.1g 2 T Hempseed protein powder (100% Hempseed - no additives)
2.0g 1 T chia seeds
2.0g 1 small banana
2.0g 1 small handful goji berries (about 2 tablespoons)
- 1 large handful frozen blueberries (unsweetend)
- Pinch ground cinnamon
- 1 drop liquid stevia (optional)
- 1-2 squares good quality dark chocolate 75% cocoa or more (optional)
-___ 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

Blend. Drink. Yum!

(serves 1)

I've made this smoothie several times this week. Very delicious. I've used different add-ins depending on my mood such as dark chocolate and vanilla extract. I love the Hemp seed protein powder. To be truthful, the first time I had it mixed with juice I thought it was really gross. But when I blend it into a creamy base like coconut milk or mixed with chocolate it's really good and hardly noticeable. The taste and smell is a bit nutty - or seedy - like sunflower seed. But the best thing about it is the amount of protein in two small scoops. Plus with all the other "super foods" thrown in - it's one powerful smoothie. It's a great afternoon pick me up!

The kids even liked it as an after-school snack... I just had to add a bit more milk to thin it for them.

I entered this in the Fat Tuesday Forager Festival!


Anonymous said…
i fell off the paleo wagon. My damn addiction to sugars and breads...:( will try again. Need to shed about 10 lbs.
Sarah said…
Any chance you have the cauliflower roulette recipe?? That looks delicious!

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