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Primal for one Month - Protein Power Smoothie

I've been Primal for one month. I've worked hard to get in bed on time, because the biggest difference between Paleo and Primal is that Paleo is just food... Primal - namely, the Primal Blueprint is all about the whole lifestyle thing. Sleep, Exercise, Food, Play. 

I'm trying to play more and enjoy life, not just complain about the weather, etc.

Okay, enough about that, some results for the first month of Primal living: 

1. I've lost 8.5 pounds - effortlessly!
2. I do have more energy.
3. I'm more "regular" - if you know what I mean.
4. No cramps during my monthly cycle.

Okay, so that's great - enough to keep me going. Also, I've noticed that the kids don't dig bread as much as they used to. For example, when I make them lunch, I make them bread still - and then I make myself a delicious bowl of soup and immediately they toss their sandwiches on the ground and they want what I got.

That's cool because I'm teaching them to be primal by example …