Taking it one day at a time.

With this Primal/Paleo thing, the only way to do it - is to do it right. And the only way to do that is to take it one day at a time. It's a journey. And I'm taking joy in the journey. 

There is a challenge in the fact that previously I've been vegetarian with good reason - number 1, the Word of Wisdom... and number 2, I just don't like handling raw flesh... it grosses me out big time. (You can see the long explanation if you wish, in the link).

Okay, so I think it was around 2010 just before Siembra was born that I started to eat meat again. It happened quite by accident. I was at a baby shower for another friend and someone had brought some sandwiches. Some of them were vegetarian with avocado and they were totally delicious. And some of them were chicken salad and those were totally delicious, too. And that's when it got me!

After Siembra was born, I had the feeling that we needed to add meat back into our diet. And it started slowly at first and then it got to be more and more and more... 

and now we are eating it all the time... especially pork products. 

So, I see with Primal/Paleo that we should not be eating canned foods that are filled with all sorts of who knows what? And we've got a lot of smoked sausage in the food storage. Canned "hot dogs" and such. So not eating that stuff is not a problem for me because I can easily not eat any meat at all. It's just being prepared that's a little bit difficult for me. 

Part of the reason I want to do this is to have more energy... because I'm tired a lot. Easily exhausted... and then having to spend more time creating a meal or snacks for in between for the children is pretty exhausting as it is...

But, I'm just gonna take it one day at a time. That's all I can do. 


Okay, so we celebrated Ella's birthday and I made this pumpkin spice cake with a cream cheese frosting and it's wasn't primal at all and it was so freaking sweet that I just didn't really like it. And so there I'm experiencing progress already. I ate a bite and I thought, geesh woman, that's really sweet, too sweet. And that used to not be a problem for me ever. 

So, I'm really happy about that - and about the fact that after the kids had a second sliver of a slice... I threw the rest in the trash. I really don't want them eating that crap... and I don't want it either. 

The next birthday coming up is Kailea's and whether she knows it or not or likes it or not I'll be baking something much more Paleo/Primal because that's just a little less than two months away and that's plenty of time for me to sharpen my skills in the Paleo baking realm. 

I've got plenty of good Paleo blogs bookmarked and I'm gearing to go!


My daughter decided to spend a year as a vegetarian. I see your comments on Primal/Pal..(now I can remember!) - what is that? Do you have any advice on going vegetarian? We know NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING. I'd like to join her so when she comes home for breaks, it's not so hard - but I don't even know where to begin. Thanks so much for any help you can give :)
Oh - I guess you need to know how to get ahold of me - here it is: morenomtej@gmail.com

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