Going... Primal in 2012

On the last day of 2011, I participated in my first competition - 2k run. I didn't finish first, but I didn't finish last. Okay, I practically finished last because I think there was a 4 year old girl behind me with her mother. But that doesn't matter... any way, some one has to come in last. And I am just so proud of myself for doing it and for jogging the whole time and my incredibly slow pace... but I did it and I didn't walk at all... I finished it and my time was 14 min 28 seconds!

Now, here is a completely embarrassing photo of myself... but hey, this is what I look like:

Yes, that's me. And seeing myself in a photo such as this makes me go, what?! Am I that big? And my husband says, you look kind of slim in that photo, as if to say I normally look bigger. I think the mirror in my closet is playing tricks on me. Or do you actually look fatter in photos. I've heard that before.

Any hoo, it doesn't matter... it's 2012... and I'm going to do something totally different. Now I know that in the past I've said I wasn't going to eat sugar any more... but I'm really going to do it this time... because the whole family is behind me... well, I don't think Ella is behind me on it, she doesn't really know what's about to happen, but Mark is behind me because he want the Primal Blueprint to work for him, too... and maybe it will help get rid of his asthma a long the way!

I, of course, want to lose weight, but what I want more is energy. I'm so freakin' tired of being tired all the time. I have to energy to just run around and play with the kids. I can't keep up with them... and also, for the last two months of 2011 I was sick with the cold and flu... and that drove me crazy...especially because I eat pretty healthy for the most part...

Hear me out, I juice a lot. I juice spinach and stuff that's good for ya. But still I'm fat. Well, I've had enough... no more bread, rice, and sweet rolls for me... no more chocolate and peanut butter swirls brownies... I'm cutting it out... and it's easy for me because whenever I think to myself, geesh, I'm craving a brownie - I ask myself a question : Do I want that brownie or do I want to look like Carrie Sisson (Mark Sisson's wife aka Mark's Daily Apple) - Here is the link... to her amazing photo... it's truly inspiring!

Carrie Sisson is 53 years old in this photo... I got twenty years to go... but following PB I suspect it will take much less time. I love to read the success stories - of people who have dropped the weight and look totally ripped in 6 months time - it's possible if you stick to it strict!

I want to... and I've already started... well, sort of...

Week one, I've weighed in and I'm 238.5 lbs. I'm starting the week off with the cleanse from the Candida Diet... mainly because of the holidays and the excessive amount of sugar and carbs I consumed have left my gut feeling extremely out of whack.

Week two and I will transition into the strict diet from Candida... but then I'll transition over to Primal Blueprint as well - yes PB - will no longer stand for peanut butter... I'm waiting for my copy of the book to arrive... in the meantime, I've been hooked to Mark's Daily Apple - the blog from Mark Sisson all about Primal Blueprint... that guy is awesome in a nutshell.


Sonya said…
Wishing you much success this year :) I lost 84 pounds as of October and hope to complete my journey this summer!
cutekittypunk said…
wow, that's awesome Sonya!
I have a picture of myself that I feel the exact same way....the one Mark took of me when we were at the family reunion
Hopefully we can motivate each other to keep ourselves on the right track - to FIT bodies and HEALTHY families. :) Good luck!
Web Designer said…
Thank you for posting your photo! I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration to me - keep up the good work my friend!!
PS - Web Designer was me - oops - forgot to sign into my account :)

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