Cherry Rhubarb Jam

A lady I know has one of those little garden plots that Dutch people have - they are like garden co-op area's - so she always has a lot of extras and is giving stuff away. I am always happy to receive... I've gotten from her so far this summer: beets, cucumbers, bell peppers and now rhubarb!

I have always wanted to try making a rhubarb strawberry pie... but I ended up making jam.

I found a yummy recipe and altered it to my liking:

about 3 cups rhubarb, rinsed and chopped finely
1 cup sugar
1/2 can cherry pie filling
1 (3oz) box strawberry Jello mix

This recipe takes 2 days to make. First, place chopped rhubarb and 1 cup sugar in a bowl. Mix together and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. Day two - heat rhubarb and it's sugary juices over medium heat in a pot. Stir until softened. Then add cherry pie filling and Jello and bring to a boil - stirring regularly. After Jello has completely dissolved remove from heat and pour into metal container and refrigerate until cool. Then store in pretty glass jars or freeze.

This jam is so yummy and easy to make... it only takes a bit of patience. I absolutely love it. It's so special... not like my usual store bought jam... since making this... I've even experimented... First I used this jam to make cinnamon rolls... which you can view here... and I altered the recipe slightly to make some interesting Celery & Cherry Jam... which I will tell you about very soon.

I'm so excited about this jam that I'm putting in an order for more Jello to try out other varieties... Jello to make jam is a genius idea.


Sonya said…
Yum, that looks sooo good!

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