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Cherry Rhubarb Jam

A lady I know has one of those little garden plots that Dutch people have - they are like garden co-op area's - so she always has a lot of extras and is giving stuff away. I am always happy to receive... I've gotten from her so far this summer: beets, cucumbers, bell peppers and now rhubarb!

I have always wanted to try making a rhubarb strawberry pie... but I ended up making jam.

I found a yummy recipe and altered it to my liking:

about 3 cups rhubarb, rinsed and chopped finely
1 cup sugar
1/2 can cherry pie filling
1 (3oz) box strawberry Jello mix

This recipe takes 2 days to make. First, place chopped rhubarb and 1 cup sugar in a bowl. Mix together and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. Day two - heat rhubarb and it's sugary juices over medium heat in a pot. Stir until softened. Then add cherry pie filling and Jello and bring to a boil - stirring regularly. After Jello has completely dissolved remove from heat and pour into metal container and refrigerate until cool. Th…

Lovely Green Food... and exercise wise - I'm not so "green" anymore!

Wow, I feel totally great right now!

Why you might ask? Well, for the last several weeks I've been exercising and tonight was the first night that I didn't want to exercise... but I planned it in and decided to do it anyway... 

I'm so glad that I did because not only did I have an amazing work out - but my ability to stretch further has increased, and I can all of a sudden to that jack knife "sit up" that I couldn't do before and I did more push-ups than I was able to do last time... so in that sense I don't feel so "green" anymore - you know green like -a newbie!

So, I finally got a crosstrainer - the one I got is a Kettler Mondeo. It's awesome. It's great being able to have a really great workout where I sweat a lot and I don't have to go to a gym. This is great for me because for one, I'm not really able to go to a gym because I have children at home asleep in their beds and I can't really be going to the gym... and two, if i…