Orange Chicken

I've tried many versions of Orange chicken, this one was pretty good - just made a lot of sauce... a lot!

I used vegetarian chicken pieces, and no one was the wiser... original recipe found here at Local Kitchen.

The deep fried "chicken" in it's batter tastes very good on it's own... reminds me of popcorn chicken from KFC!

yummy... i gotta make it again soon :)

This is pretty much the same way I make my sweet and sour pork - I use this same vegetarian "chicken" and then instead of the orange sauce - I use this recipe's Sweet and Sour Pork - with one minor adjustment - I used 1/2 cup tomato sauce and 1/2 cup vinegar instead of the 1 cup vinegar - comes out perfect every time... ok, almost every time, I also like to add a bit more cornstarch because I like my sauce very thick and syrupy - not runny.

Okay, that's two favorite family recipes we like at this house... and I gotta make it more often!!!


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