Juice yourself Slim (part 2) - Beta Carrot Juice

Juice Master Juice Yourself Slim  <-- So, I've been reading this book, or rather, I read it and I've been "doing" this book. The juice lifestyle. I did the "launch" recommended which is like a whole week of nothing but juice, some salad and soups. I didn't really stick to the program because it's very difficult especially when I have to prepare alternative meals for my family... so I didn't lose a lot of weight. But I did discover some really great juice recipes... and I have not given up yet.

In the next phase of juicing, after the launch, Jason Vale recommends starting each day with a juice or smoothie. Also a juice or smoothie for lunch and a healthy dinner.

I've incorporated a particular juice into my daily diet. It's my breakfast routine. I start with the Beta Carrot Juice first thing after I get to the kitchen in the morning... I slowly sip and enjoy while I'm preparing the childrens' breakfasts and lunch. I take the kids to school, do a little grocery shopping and then when I return, if I'm hungry right away, I have my regular breakfast or brunch.

You see, I've been reading up on some other diets. There is this SCD and GAPS diet. I'm not sure where I read this on the web, but what I found to be interesting was this: the body is still digesting food from the day before between 4am and about 10am... that's why when we wake up we don't feel hungry yet. Start the day with a carrot juice (to help keep ya regular) and then around 10am when you feel naturally hungry - start the day with your proper breakfast - containing all those good for you proteins and fats!

So, the last couple days, I've been doing that and I feel great. I don't feel hungry - I don't feel the need to snack on carbs - and I feel more satisfied through out the day.

Here is what I did today:
Breakfast: Beta Carrot Juice
Brunch: Grain free pancakes with cottage cheese and blueberries
Lunch: baby leaf salad with avocado, sun dried tomatoes, sunflower seeds and some pesto dressing
Afternoon snack: 2 slices watermelon
Dinner: Hete Bliksem en Oostere Speklapjes 

I planned in a dessert - which was to be yogurt with fruit - but I'm still satisfied!

And, besides the molasses which was in the sweet soy sauce I used with preparing the speklapjes - I didn't eat any sugar today - not one drop! I didn't consume any wheat! Not a bit - and I feel great... which is a huge contrast from yesterday.

Yesterday, I started the day out right - I had the same breakfast and brunch - but then in the afternoon I had like 3 or 4 pastries - and then by evening I felt totally tired and this morning, I had a headache, I felt achy in my body and just plain tired - even though I got enough rest.

So, you see, this trying to be grain-free, sugar-free the best I can for the next few days - is a test for me to see if wheat might be a problem for me. (If you have seen my sweet rolls blog - you know it's a problem for me!)

Okay, so to make this juice, add to your juicer 2 apples, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 beet root, and 3 medium carrots. A couple seconds later you'll have this:

So good with some ice cubes - sip and enjoy!
Despite the carrots and beet -  the apples make it pretty sweet and the lemon gives it just enough tang -so, it is good!


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