Juice yourself Slim (part 1)

So, this book
<--- yeah, that one... I ordered it and it finally arrived. I don't blame the company I bought it from, I blame the way they do things over here. If TNT Post wins the bid to deliver it - it comes really fast, but if some other carrier wins the bid... then it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

So, it finally came. I read the whole thing in about two days. It reads really easy... it also happens to be really funny. Funny in a serious kind of way. Not funny like it sucks... just that there are some really funny parts that had me laughing out loud! So, I really like that Jason Vale threw some humor in there - it's part of his personality.

What with having once been an overweight man with breasts, and psoriasis all over his body, he wasn't exactly a catch... so he had to get a personality... and since he juiced himself slim - he's also in incredibly great shape... and sharing his enthusiasm for juicing with as much of the world as he can.

So, until I had gotten my awesome Philips Juice Extractor - I had never even heard of this guy. But, inside the box was a free DVD from Jason Vale... this one here:

you may buy it here!
And in case you were wondering which Juice extractor I got, it's this one here (I'd buy it from Juicemaster.com if you can because it comes with two of Jason Vale's books and a bag):

Also, doesn't show it in the picture, but it comes with a jug for the juice to go into.
You may buy it here.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I want to share some of my newest insights with you... and some hopes and dreams as well.

I have always loved juice and smoothies for as long as I can remember. And even way back in high school, when I took this small business class and I had to put together a business plan - my business idea back then was to have a juice and smoothie bar. 

That was before they were even so popular and in vogue... So, I did some research and interviewed some people and put together my business plan - it was so much fun!

Then I went to college and took a few business classes which had nothing to do with small business - and everything to do with corporate - big business and that pretty much shattered my dreams... for a time.

I got off track... changed majors... and here I am today - a stay at home mom - a job which I absolutely love to pieces... but having said that, I still dream of having my own restaurant or diner or cafe or juice bar or whatever someday.

And lucky for me... I'll even have some little employees to help me run the place ;)

So... I love juice. But to be honest... it wasn't for a long, long time before I finally got a good juicer. Mainly because they use to be so darn expensive. I finally got one a few years back - and it had to be the crappiest piece of equipment I have ever owned... it couldn't even juice carrots. Doh.

So I gave it away. Then, like two years later... yes I waited that long, I came across this Philips juicer in a store and it was less than 100 euros! And I just had to have it. I pretty much begged Mark and hinted in the most obvious way to buy it for me for Valentine's day... I pretty much told him I expected this for Valentine's day and after all he'd better get it for me... or else!

Oh, the day I got it, I juiced for breakfast, snacks, and lunch... and then dessert. It was awesome. Refreshing. Delicious.

And much of the reason it was awesome, refreshing and delicious is because I used the juice combinations recommended in the Keeping it Simple DVD from Jason Vale. 

He doesn't just juice raw spinach... he combines it together with pineapple, apple, a smallish piece of celery and some ginger to give it just a kick... and it's sweet, juicy - of course, and it's good... really, really good! In fact, it's awesome juice.

So, I went to his website - Juicemaster.com to see what else there was and then I went to Amazon.com to read all the reviews... and then I waited and thought about it for a while... and then I finally decided on Juice yourself Slim...

Because, to be honest with you all... I'm fat. And I don't wanna be fat anymore. I want to be healthy... but I also want to be thin. So, I've got a lot vested in this book - not just my 10 euros... but I want it to work. 

And heck... it's worked for so many other folks, why not me?

So, I'm giving it a go. First, there is this 7 day launch program where you pretty much drink a whole lot of juice and smoothies, sometimes soup and salads for the first week - and when you do this to a T - include some exercise as well... you will pretty much lose 7 to 14 lbs. in the first week! And that's the momentum I NEED to keep going.

I'm only on day 1, officially, so next week - when I weigh in - I'll let you all know how I did. 

Also, I'm hoping to benefit from this juicing thing in a few other ways... in addition to losing weight, I hope that my hair will be shinier and not as gray... and I also hope that I don't grow as much facial hair.

There are many, many benefits to juicing - those are two that I hope will work for me.

Mark said to me, he hopes that my juicing will make his asthma go away... but he'd need to be drinking the juices then ;)

Ha ha ha haaahaa... as if I give him asthma!


Sonya said…
I wish you lots of success with the juicing :) I've lost 80 pounds since October and feel fantastic! I drink tons of water now..I havent been thirsty for 8 months..lol My skin and hair love me for it. It feels good to treat your body right. I look forward to hearing about how it goes for you!
I'm so with you! I can't wait to see your results!! Much like you, I LOVE smoothies - and, in fact, consider smoothies to be a key ingredient to losing weight :) I often make a smoothie for breakfast and it consists of almost a blender full of spinach - then half a banana, a couple of strawberries, pineapple chunks, about 1/4 of orange juice, a teaspoon of organic cane sugar - and it's YUMMY!! It makes a couple of servings and a great way to start my day. I need a better blender though 'cause the spinach needs to be ground up more. Anyway - let me know if this works for you!!

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