Grain-free Pancakes

So, while cruising the web over the last week I bumped into some really interesting "diets." Okay, actually truth be told, I didn't just bumped into them - I went looking for them.

I have this friend, her little boy has autism and she was reading about this GAPS diet which helps children with autism. So I wanted to know more about it - so I went looking for information. What I found was some interesting stuff. Stuff that makes sense. When you put crappy junk food into your body - you feel like crap!

So, the GAPS diet is a bit similar to the SCD diet - I'm no expert on it - that's why I ordered this book:
Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet I'm still waiting for it to come. I'm looking forward to reading it. The reviews on it over on Amazon are pretty good. And my friend - the one whose son has Autism. She's been reading it and she says it's very eye opening... well, I'd like my eyes to be opened, too! ;)

So, in my websurfing, I've come across a grain-free pancake recipe - which I just had to try - because we eat a lot of pancake over and this house. It only has 3 ingredients: eggs, banana and nut butter. Those are things which I happen to have on hand all the time. So this will be easy to try. I have tried it - in the last 5 days, I've had it every day and I love it. I've been trying different combinations as well.  One such combination is to serve it together with cottage cheese and blueberries - because I'm trying to avoid excess sugar, syrup and the like.

Eating these pancakes together with the cottage cheese and blueberries - is so satisfying - delicious, nutricious and filling! 

So, I begin the day with my juice, around 10am I have the pancakes and then around 12:30 or 1pm I have my salad - which keeps me feeling full and satisfied till dinner! I only had some watermelon because it was so hot and I usually snack in the afternoon so I didn't want to resort to old habbits and snack on junk food - I had the watermelon - it's watery - it's sweet - it's good.

I found the recipe here... and then I did this to it:

I stacked them up with a layer of cottage cheese and blueberries between each pancake and just a sprinkle of cinnamon - it was really yummy. I've also rolled them up like crepes - both are good options. I really like this pancake - it's good and it might sound strange - but once you whip it up - it looks like regular pancake batter - see:

I've tried this recipe using all natural hazelnut butter and also cashew butter. I like it with the cashew butter. I'd like to try it with peanut butter - just because I love peanuts - and I think that would go good with some honey on top... of course it would... but you know, with the banana - it's a pretty sweet pancake - you don't really need to add any sugar, syrup or honey - it's delicious with just some fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese.


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