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Grain-free Pancakes

So, while cruising the web over the last week I bumped into some really interesting "diets." Okay, actually truth be told, I didn't just bumped into them - I went looking for them.
I have this friend, her little boy has autism and she was reading about this GAPS diet which helps children with autism. So I wanted to know more about it - so I went looking for information. What I found was some interesting stuff. Stuff that makes sense. When you put crappy junk food into your body - you feel like crap!
So, the GAPS diet is a bit similar to the SCD diet - I'm no expert on it - that's why I ordered this book: I'm still waiting for it to come. I'm looking forward to reading it. The reviews on it over on Amazon are pretty good. And my friend - the one whose son has Autism. She's been reading it and she says it's very eye opening... well, I'd like my eyes to be opened, too! ;)
So, in my websurfing, I've come across a grain-free pancake recipe - which …

Juice yourself Slim (part 2) - Beta Carrot Juice

<-- So, I've been reading this book, or rather, I read it and I've been "doing" this book. The juice lifestyle. I did the "launch" recommended which is like a whole week of nothing but juice, some salad and soups. I didn't really stick to the program because it's very difficult especially when I have to prepare alternative meals for my family... so I didn't lose a lot of weight. But I did discover some really great juice recipes... and I have not given up yet.

In the next phase of juicing, after the launch, Jason Vale recommends starting each day with a juice or smoothie. Also a juice or smoothie for lunch and a healthy dinner.

I've incorporated a particular juice into my daily diet. It's my breakfast routine. I start with the Beta Carrot Juice first thing after I get to the kitchen in the morning... I slowly sip and enjoy while I'm preparing the childrens' breakfasts and lunch. I take the kids to school, do a little grocery s…

Juice yourself Slim (part 1)

So, this book
<--- yeah, that one... I ordered it and it finally arrived. I don't blame the company I bought it from, I blame the way they do things over here. If TNT Post wins the bid to deliver it - it comes really fast, but if some other carrier wins the bid... then it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

So, it finally came. I read the whole thing in about two days. It reads really easy... it also happens to be really funny. Funny in a serious kind of way. Not funny like it sucks... just that there are some really funny parts that had me laughing out loud! So, I really like that Jason Vale threw some humor in there - it's part of his personality.

What with having once been an overweight man with breasts, and psoriasis all over his body, he wasn't exactly a catch... so he had to get a personality... and since he juiced himself slim - he's also in incredibly great shape... and sharing his enthusiasm for juicing with as much of the world as he can.

So, until I had gotten my awesome Ph…