The cook book for your toddler - Het kookboek voor je peuter

So, I've been going through this little cook book I got from the baby clinic - the book is made by Kinderen - it's a monthly magazine for mothers and expecting mothers - and it's a great little book.


Here are just a few of the recipes I've tried:

Pippi's pannenkoekentaart
That was good - I gave it a 4 star **** - easy to make and everyone enjoyed it. Dessert for dinner is good anytime :) I put sliced apples in almost every pancake - which is why it leans so much. It was very filling - and very yummy.

Up next:

Een echt indiaantje
Good 4 stars **** - another easy meal, presented in such a way that the kids got excited... Kailea, my 5 year old, is normally very picky about green food - she ate it up :) We served it with simple gravy.

Ella - liked the patty, but tossed the sugar snaps aside - oh well, can't please everyone - but I try.

Kailea poses for me.

Dad's angry man... even big kids play with their food!

OK-Good 3 stars *** - the reason being it was too sweet, and because I found out with this dessert that Dad and the kids don't really like dessert rice - although, I loooooove it. The kids loved the bananenschuimpjes (candy that tastes a lot like old fashioned American candy "Circus Peanuts") - and because of all the hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) and so forth - it was just a bit too sweet. Easy to make though, with a few minor adjustments. The recipe says to make the dessert rice from scratch as well as the yellow banketbakkersroom... but I used store bought dessert rice which only costs about 45 cents and doesn't require any extra prep time. I also use a generic brand vanilla vla. All in all, this dessert serves quite a few and doesn't cost more than 3 euros to make. And it really looks like a show stopper... I will probably make it again and use vanilla yogurt or chocolate vla in place of the dessert rice because of my picky eaters... and I'll probably cut back on the chocolate sprinkles and candy... but it is a dessert - and dessert can be sweet ;)

There is also a nice vla-flip recipe - but I discovered with that one as well that some people don't like this or that... but I loved it. And there are some nice soup recipes in it that I'm eager to try very soon. 

Overall it's a great little book and I'm happy to own it.

The last thing I made and absolutely love is the banana loempias -which I don't have a photo of sadly... but they are so good... I'll blog about them next time and share the recipe... it's one of the rare - 5 star recipes - yes 5 stars ***** that I've come across this year. It has made it's way into our regular rotation - it's in the family favorites book... so... next time I'll share it... at least, my adaptation of it!

And by they way, Happy Memorial Day to all my American readers :)


Sonya said…
How fun is this!!! those meals look super yummie :) I hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather we had yesterday!! We grilled out and thought about our friends and family back home celebrating Memorial's hard being away sometimes..

Have a great week :)
Reeni said…
These all look delicious -- especially the banana trifle!

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