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The cook book for your toddler - Het kookboek voor je peuter

So, I've been going through this little cook book I got from the baby clinic - the book is made by Kinderen - it's a monthly magazine for mothers and expecting mothers - and it's a great little book.

Here are just a few of the recipes I've tried:

That was good - I gave it a 4 star **** - easy to make and everyone enjoyed it. Dessert for dinner is good anytime :) I put sliced apples in almost every pancake - which is why it leans so much. It was very filling - and very yummy.

Up next:

Good 4 stars **** - another easy meal, presented in such a way that the kids got excited... Kailea, my 5 year old, is normally very picky about green food - she ate it up :) We served it with simple gravy.


OK-Good 3 stars *** - the reason being it was too sweet, and because I found out with this dessert that Dad and the kids don't really like dessert rice - although, I loooooove it. The kids loved the bananenschuimpjes (candy that tastes a lot like old fashioned American candy "C…

Maxine - one last tribute...

I'm adjusting to life without Maxine. I have so many regrets. I wish I could have been a better Mom to her. If I could do things over again, I would. I did the best I could given the information I had. But hindsight is 20/20.

I feel like she is at rest and peaceful with Heavenly Father. It's just too bad that dogs don't live forever in happiness and health... well, they do - just on the other side... hopefully, when I return to Heavenly Father, I can see Maxine again and maybe dogs and humans can communicate is some special way, I'd like her to know that I loved her the best that I could...

I know a dog is not a person, but she sure was a good friend to me for so many years.

If... or when I ever get a dog again, I will treat my dog a lot better. I wanted to take her to the vet for yearly check ups but when she was 10 years old we were advised not to do that. To just let her be and then she can get sick sooner and die sooner.

I wouldn't do that again. I would rather…


Tonight I say goodbye to my dog Maxine. She was a really great dog. I had her for 10 years. She would be 15 this year. She was old - she was sick - a lot. I had to take her to the vet, I watched them put her to sleep. It was really hard to do. I was holding her and crying and just petting her and again and again I wanted to say, you know what? I'll just take her home and wait for her to wake up, I can't do this... I don't wanna do this.

On one hand, I knew it was the right thing to do, on the other hand, I just wanted to let her live forever and just go on another walk. One more day with her. I think I wasn't really ready, even though, I was tired of seeing her suffer - I wasn't really ready to say good bye.

I just feel really, really sad.

I feel like I don't ever want another dog again because sure, they are lots of fun when they are young, but then they get old so fast and then they have problem after problem and then you gotta make tough decisions like this.…

A break in

Just returned from our vacation to America. It was great. I loved seeing family and friends and I loved eating out in America :)

My favorite new place to eat: Village Inn - free pie Wednesdays. I was never really a pie kind of person, until now. They've got this European Truffle pie - it's good - not too chocolatey - just right. The Oreo cream pie is also very good. I really liked the strawberry rhubarb as well.

I also enjoyed many good donuts in America. I didn't get to have two particular favorites though: (1) the Krispy Kreme donut with the chocolate glaze and marshmallow-creme type filling and (2) that chocolate cake donut with chocolate glaze from 7-11... perhaps next time. 

Another thing I discovered - Cache Valley is totally beautiful this time of year. A very late Spring, but so pretty.
I think I could consider living in Logan, Utah - on Temple boulevard - what a view, the temple to the rear and this out the front:

And I was also thinking that perhaps in the future whe…