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Drop Sugar Cookies - baked in 6 minutes and low fat, too.

Have you noticed how a lot of bloggers are trying to be the next food blogging star? How they are trying really hard to get followers by doing give-aways and stuff like that?

It's real easy to fall in that trap. I was in that trap for like a few weeks. I was like, I gotta post at least two times every week if people are gonna "follow me" and I gotta take really good photos so that my photos don't get rejected on foodgawker and tastespotting... And I gotta do give-aways. How do I do that? Do I gotta buy stuff myself for that? How do I get someone to sponsor that? And then, I just sort of wondered why I was doing that - why I got caught up in that snare? Because for me it is a snare. It was taking me away from my family and my personal goals.

So, you know how I cured myself of this idol worship? I stopped following so many other food bloggers. And I started on a personal project. I've been reading this book called Fascination Womanhood - it's really interesting. 

What I'm really thankful for...

So, there is this blog that I follow, you can find the link in bloggy love - listed in the side column - "Lady in the skirt" and in Tara's most recent post she writes what she is thankful for and I was thinking, I should do that, too. So...

Dear Heavenly Father,

I'm so thankful for you (thee, thou) you know what I mean! I'm thankful for my husband who provides for our family so I can be a stay at home mom to our three beautiful daughters. Mark is my very best friend and I love him so much. And yes, I'm so thankful for the girls. They really keep me on my toes - they can be very demanding at times, but I love them dearly. I'm grateful for my calling to teach the youth in Sunday School. It's very scary that the Bishop wants me to teach in Dutch. I think I can do it but my stubborn pride keeps getting in the way and I my natural laziness just wants to teach in English... please help me to understand the Bible words in Dutch! I'm very grateful for my gi…

Suitcase Sweets

This is no April Fool's joke... this is the real thing... a suitcase filled with all kinds of Dutch sweets and Belgian chocolates...

Yes, I take good care of my family and friends - this is a preview of treats for you... just a few more weeks till I get there :)