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This is my blog - so I can talk about me. :)

Cute Kitty Punk is a mini phrase I started using many years ago. I just like it because it's kind of hip and catchy... but it doesn't totally describe me. I'm really sweet - not punkish. I don't even really like punk music. I do like the Cure. They aren't really punk though - more like alternative. I love Daft Punk. Does that make me punk? Probably not.

I feel like an average American girl. Except that I don't live in America. I have been living here in Europe for almost 7 years. When I first got here I missed Mexican food like crazy. One time I made a special dinner with enchiladas, refried beans, Spanish rice, and guacamole. I served it to my sister-in-law. She looked at the beans like - "what is that?" A look of disgust on her face. I was like, "what? You've never seen refried beans? They are delicious."

She didn't think so.

Well, fast forward 7 years - and I don't even miss it anymore.  I've totally gotten used to living here. I don't even really miss American breakfast cereal anymore. I never thought that would happen. We use to drive over an hour to get to a Wal*mart in Germany that had American breakfast cereals. And I'd stock up there.  Now I don't even care about it. And I went through a phase here where I ate whatever breakfast cereals they have here in the Dutch stores - which isn't much - believe me.

Now, my favorite thing to eat for breakfast - it's very Dutch: bread! Bread with jam or Halvarine and honey. I don't really know what Halvarine is America is called. I'm thinking it's light margarine spread.

My favorite kind of ethnic food - Indonesian... Dutch-Indonesian.!

You, my readers/followers, family and friends are going to be seeing a lot more Indonesian food posts. In fact, this Friday I will be making Babi Pangang. It's my husbands most favorite thing to order at a "Chinese" restaurant. I put that in quotes because Chinese restaurants are different every where you go. Well, here in the Netherlands - they are usually Chinese-Indonesian. And I discovered that the reason why I never had Babi Pangang at a Chinese restaurant in America is because it's not Chinese - it's Indonesian.

And it's delicious. So be looking for a blog post on that in the future.

photo credit: watmaakt.suzette.nu


Miriam said…
I enjoyed reading about you :)! And I discovered from your site that you're a Mormon? ...Me too!!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters
Lisa said…
That's so amazing that you live in Europe. What a fantastic experience that must be.
Sonya said…
Thats my husbands favorite item to order aswell! I really miss american chinese food..Im not s big fan of what they have here..although the giant loempias rock! I make homemade versions of almost everything we loved from back home so that helps. I love love love trying new foods here though and living so close to germany allows me to try even more great foods..Im sooo loving Doners..lol

I find myself not missing alot of things from home..I finally worked mysself out of reeces peanut butter cups. I miss the baking items though and thats what I ask for the most..they just don't bake here like Im used to and I'm not crazy about Dutch desserts.

We get a chance to live a life most people can only dream of! we get to see and taste a whole world for sure..and Im loving it :)

I look forward to your recipe :)
cutekittypunk said…
@Sonya, ahh pb cups... miss those, too. love 'em. Nothing compares.

as for Dutch desserts, it wasn't until last year - during my pregnancy that i finally started liking vla. i buy it every week now :)

Do you like vlaai? i'm not really into it.
Sonya said…
I do not like Vlaai..it's so runny and odd..lol I love all the yogurts though. It took me awhile to get used to the different texture of yogurt here but I love it. I don't like the typical dessert like the appeltaart..not a fan of the crust at all. I pass on Olibollen aswell..it needs something else..like cinnamon or something..lol
Sonya said…
Sorry I ment to say Vla..I dont like that to much at all and Vlaai isn't on my must eat list either..lol

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