Baking cake is NOT much fun

I don't know why I keep doing it. 

I have noticed the last 4 or 5 cakes that I baked... I didn't really enjoy it.
It being - the baking. 

It's just a lot of work and I really hate the clean up part of it. I feel like I'm on my feet all day and my cakes don't really turn out all that pretty. I mean, they are okay. Not the ugliest things but I'm much better at baking cinnamon rolls - sweet rolls.

In fact, I'd much rather be baking sweet rolls - because I enjoy them so much more than I enjoy cake. And really, cleaning up after baking sweet rolls is so much faster. For one, I almost always bake my sweet rolls on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. So then I just throw that away - and I'm done! The other bowls, rolling pin and few other things get cleaned up along the way - while the dough is rising, etc...  

Cake is just so much work - and in my opinion - not that rewarding for all the work put into it.

I'd much rather make a trifle. Or cookies. Or ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, juice or fun decorated treats like those chocolate dipped stroopwafels or... anything else that is quick and easy and less messy.

I keep doing it because I have a birthday party to celebrate, but the more kids I have the more I think, I'll just buy a cake and focus on doing the activities or making a special dinner. That's more my cup of tea. 

So, I've been mulling over this in my head, but I think I'm going to sell on my cake-baking gear. And then, I won't bake - then I won't eat this stuff and I'll be that much closer to my weight loss goals (except when I feel like baking cookies or sweet rolls, of course).

Plus, I really don't care for buttercream frosting - especially when it is made with shortening. Yuck. If it's made with cream cheese then it's pretty good. Chocolate frosting - also good... but just plain buttercream I don't really like that. Maybe my tastesbuds are just changing... that could be it.

I'll be baking my last cake on friday - a sugar free, gluten free cake - and I'll top it with a meringue frosting made from honey. I'm hoping that cake will be lots more fun and enjoyable.

I'm not saying it will be my last cake ever - but in the future, I hope to bake cakes that don't need a lot of frosting of layers - frosting in general. Let's just say - I don't want to bake a cake for a while!

Kailea's 2nd Birthday
"strawberry" cake made with starburst candy for the leaves and skittles for the "seeds"
Kailea's 3rd Birthday
Cookie Monster made with Oreo's for the eyes -
this cake was actually fun to make and not too much work.

Kailea's 4th Birthday
Barbie princess cake - made with marshmallow fondant -
which is a whole lotta work - don't wanna make that again.
Tomorrow we celebrate her 5th birthday - I've made another "barbie" cake - in the style of a mermaid... it turned out okay... I bet it will taste okay - I used a box mix - first time I did that. I topped it with melted white chocolate and sprinkles. Then I did the mermaid tail with buttercream -colored it turquoise/green - flavored it mint. And I have a lot of leftover frosting... but with St. Patty's day coming up - I think I'll make these with the leftover frosting:

Photo credit: Lisa Pearson
Simply... This. That. And The Other
Then, I'll take the cookies to church and share them with everyone - because although it's minty-flavored buttercream - it's made with shortening so it's kinda yucky - imo. Hopefully not to everyone else though. Ha ha.


Tine said…
Cleaning up after baking is not fun. That's the part I don't like about baking and cooking.
I never make cakes, or not the beautiful decorated cakes you make. I would rather make cakes like these:
Easy and quick.
cutekittypunk said…
Hi Tine, that's a healthy looking cake! no frosting to fatten it up. yup, easy clean up there! I love parchment paper!
BumbleVee said…
probably the reason I do muffins..... very easy... only one bowl..the mixing bowl... so not much cleanup. Do you use a scale and have to measure ingredients into many bowls? or do you use the cups method? I use cups for measuring and it is so much simpler I think. Every so often I get a recipe that is in grams...and I have to weigh it all out...thinking how do those British gals do it? I would never bake if it was that messy all the time. Give me my cups!

Yesterday I did add some streusel topping to my usual muffins...only one little extra bowl to mix the topping...and yum... it was tasty.
Lisa said…
I'm so impressed with your talent. I so wish I could do what you do when it comes to decorating. Ah, maybe one day.
Lisa said…
WOW. Beautiful. What a great idea for the waffle cookies...I might just have to copy you for St. Patty's day! Have a great day. Thank you for all of your kind comments!
Sonya said…
I can't stand shortening! yuck is right. When I made frosting I use a butter version or the 7 minute frosting. We aren't big frosting eaters either I must say..but I do love to bake cakes. I've got a lemon one with blueberries that I need to try : )

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