No Second Helpings!

Today went well - because I set some rules for myself and I kept them - and I'm very proud of myself.
  1. Only 3 meals per day - NO SNACKING in between meals.
  2. No second helpings.
  3. I can eat a small treat/dessert together with the meal - at the end of the meal.
Some things that helped me achieve my goals:
  • I think it helped in the morning for breakfast that I started the day with a Green Monster with extra protein added.
  • It was a very cold day today so I ate a warm lunch.
  • I just kept reminding myself of the rules and told myself that "I don't want to be fat"
  • I told myself - if I "feel" hungry - drink water
    • besides I'm not really hungry, I'm not going to starve - my body is getting enough to eat and those "feelings" are just sugar withdrawals or just out of habit of eating all the time.
And here it is - the end of the day - I'm proud of myself and I have NO REGRETS!

Me and my girls - one on each hip - cuz I'm so hip ;)


Sonya said…
YAY..good for you! I actually do the same thing..I eat 3 meals and once a week I bake for my husbands work. I have a small piece of watever I bake and thats it for the week. I buy chocolate flavored rice cakes and usually have one of those as desserts. I feel so much wise. It's amazing wat extra snacks can do to you..not that it isnt
cutekittypunk said…
Hi Sonya, well i'm trying to be all grown up and take responsiblity for my actions, it's difficult sometimes, but i just keep saying I can do this!
Mickey said…
Good Luck! We do smoothies too but, I think I should go ahead and incorporate the spinach. Sshh, don't tell.
:) mickey
Tine said…
Positive thinking!
And strategic! ;)
Kay Heritage said…
Great work,Melissa! Keep on going, taking each new day~
Anonymous said…
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Miriam said…
You go girl!! You will NEVER believe this, I have those same rules for myself!! Mostly because I take over eating to an unhealthy level and I need boundries. The rules totally work too. It takes a long time but over the past 2 years I've lost about 45 pounds (I'm still loosing too). Anyway, you've got a yeally great blog and I look forward to your future recipe postings :). Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters
cutekittypunk said…
So after the weekend, I weighed myself and i lost 3 pounds... it helps that i'm breastfeeding - so the pounds really do just melt away... when you eat like what a normal person eats (i've just been eating way too much for too long) and i have to re-train my body to get used to eating less.

but i'm happy - so happy!
cutekittypunk said…
and by the way, thanks everyone for the comments - that's an extra boost!
Sonya said…
Whoo Hoo..congrats on the 3 pound weightloss :) You do have to retrain yourself for sure..when you see what a real portion size is of's a bit shocking at first! I was eating double and even triple what I should have been eating. I bought a weight scale about a month ago and now I weigh every single thing out. It's helped so much.

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