Double Dipped Stroopwafels (Syrup Waffles)

 I couldn't think of a better way to use an old egg carton then to have it hold yummy delicious double dipped stroopwafels. The idea is not really so new. Just a few months ago I saw Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen do the same thing with graham crackers for a quick holiday treat.

The stroopwafel is not really equavalent to a graham cracker though... it is so much better. It's really one of the best cookies to come out of the Netherlands. You can find them everywhere here. Every grocery store carries them in many different price ranges. And there is a difference. That "E" brand that is really cheap - really sucks. The brand from the Lidl is a great price and one of the best tasting ones I've found. They have them made with real butter or with glucose-syrup. I personally like the real butter caramel flavored ones. Yum-yum.

A stroopwafel is simply translated as syrup waffle. It's a thin waffle like cookie with syrup in the middle... much better than an Oreo... okay, guess it depends what you're in the mood for.

Oh my, just look at those layers - this really was the best stroop wafel I ever had in my entire life. I ate two whole cookies all to myself... then I gave the rest away... geez, I'm so nice ;)

Want to know how I did it? Easy peasy, just melt your favorite chocolate in a bowl. I used about 200 grams dark chocolate and a bit less for the white chocolate. I melted it the microwave method way - after 30 second intervals stir - done within 1 minute. Let cool slightly then dip halfway up the cookie. Let dry before you apply the second dipping/drizzle of chocolate - then top off with candy sprinkles, chopped nuts, Speculoos hagel - wish I would have used that!
Let stand upright so that the chocolate doesn't stick to the surface - that's why I used the egg carton. Let stand overnight or many many hours before you stack them side by side. Better yet, put some parchment paper between each cookie, just to be on the safe side.

This one looks like an ice cream cone turned on it's side.

I've heard that they sell stroopwafels at Wal*mart and Costco... so if they are new to you - I highly recommend picking some up. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

I also really like to break them up and eat them with chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Just Heavenly - really was my most favorite treat during my last pregnancy :)

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Found a recipe to make your own stroopwafels - for those of you living outside the Netherlands:

photo credit: Melissa's Cuisine
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These look very very good!
Sonya said…
I love love LOVE Stroopwafels. It was one of the first things I tried when I moved here and still remains my favorite..well that and Speculaas:) Im going to have to bookmark this and remember to try it!
Lizzy said…
Yumm! Just found this link through Food Gawker and what do you know, another yummy Dutch expat cooking blog to follow! I love stroopwafels and speculoos-anything. These are adorable and would be perfect for the next "circle party" I have to throw ;-)
Stephanie said…
Waffle cookies with syrup inside sound amazing! Dipping them in chocolate would be even better. I wonder if I can find stroopwafels anywhere in the states...
Emily said…
I studied in Maastricht and lived on these! They're still hard to find in the U.S. and I miss them terribly! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
cutekittypunk said…
@stephanie: I think I said it in the post, but i'll state it again, my brother found stroopwafels at costco and wal*mart... good luck and you can always order them online!
Melissa said…
What a fun idea!
Abby said…
I have never heard of Stroopwafels! But if you say they are better than Oreos I NEED to try them! The dipped ones look so cute and I love the idea to use an egg carton!
claire said…
i happened upon your blog from the linky on sweet as sugar cookies! looks delicious- i would love to try these!

ps your photos are gorgeous!
Meaghan Luby said…
these look great! glad to have found your blog!
Amanda said…
These look great!!
You really took the stroopwafels to another level :)
Johan said…
For those of you who are looking for stroopwafels in the US and don't like stale, imported stroopwafels, try They bake their stroopwafels fresh, doesn't get any better than that :)

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